Tuesday, December 18, 2012

CODA and girl on tram

Dinner at CODA tonight. It was yum but could I suggest that the oysters could be a little larger? They were defo on the puny side.

On the tram, back home along St Kilda Road, there was a girl. She was so elegant. She was wearing a black t-shirt and black suede slip on broguey things. Then a very lightweight camel cardigan and tight camel pants, like ski pants but that had a perfect cuff. Her hair was in a casual pony tail and she was wearing dark brown, maybe black, newsreader specs. Her phone was in a mint-green case.

She was gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

This is something I don't admit to, um, ever, I think; but quite often I will be out somewhere and I will see someone and just want to take a photo of them* and take it home and paint their picture (I don't, but I want to). It's not so much people I think are "beautiful"; or, not in a conventional sense anyway; more, beautiful in an interesting or unusual way. Like, I see something in them that I would really like to capture in a picture.

I dunno, it makes me feel a bit weird and creepy at times.

*Actually, I want to take a video, because it's bloody hard to capture what a person really looks like in a photo. Ever taped the news and then gone back and watched frame by frame? Notice how in 90% of the frames the news-reader's face looks fucked-up? I saw a show once that talked about this theory of how your brain takes all the different angles and expressions you see on a person's face, combines them, exaggerates, filters, distorts and uses that information to map out an "idea" of what a person looks like. I think a good portrait/caricature is less about capturing what a person "factually" looks like and more about tapping into that subconscious "idea" people have. It's why a good drawing of a politician can often be more instantly recognisable than a real photo of them.

Anonymous said...

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suze2000 said...

I saw a beautiful Italian couple on the tram last week. They were elegant and smooth, and made me embarrassed about my fat lumpiness. And I was dressed almost as well as I could be that day.

And I was jealous as I will never be that elegant and smooth.

Melba said...

I think it's nice to be able to appreciate a well-put together look, a gorgeous complexion, a suave older gentleman or gentlewoman. It's not creepy to find inspiration in people around us and to appreciate beauty.

So Alex have you ever painted a portrait and do we have the opportunity to see this somewhere? Show me yours, I showed you mine type thing? Do you do caricatures? I think I would like a caricature done one day, more than a portrait I think. It's like the cartoon is much less of a wank for a person to commission. They can pretend they are having a laugh at themselves and are not being egotistical. I quite like the one of Marieke in the previous post not sure where it came from...

Anonymous said...

It certainly sounds less creepy when you put it like that.

I also tend to prefer a good caricature over a portrait. It's a shame you don't see as many good ones in the papers as you used to. Budget cuts, I suppose.

Apart from half a Tilda Swinton in my old "Huntsman 3D" movie poster, I don't think there's much up at the moment. But there will be. I'm sure. I'm forcing myself into it. New year's resolution.