Sunday, December 23, 2012

Laughing and loving

So don't ask me why but I found myself just before looking at images of Jude Law and Sienna Miller. I swear, I think that's when I gave up reading NW and Who Magazine: when they broke up.

Only joking. Not really. Wonder what happened to the magazine sales after there were no more Jude and Sienna pictures?

And I can tell you how I googled my way to them: I was looking up the widow of the disappeared-Cuckoo Restaurant owner because she is in the news today, and I wondered if she was the very glamorous older woman I saw there a few years ago, sipping on a glass of sparkling wine. But no, different woman.

Then somehow I was looking at Jude and Sienna. Feast your eyes on the following 25 pics, a kind of Jude-Sienna Christmas present:

This last one is Sienna with her boyfriend. They've had a baby. Look happy don't they? I reckon once you've been loved by Jude Law nothing can compare. She was early twenties when she was with Jude; that first real love is something you never have again. At least she's picked someone who won't compete with her looks-wise and who won't be getting lots and lots of attention from women. Men who are ridiculously good looking are hard to keep, hard to manage, hard to live with and so easy to love.

Happy Holidays everyone. Over and out for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Apart from them being actors, I don't know anything about these two people. Didn't even know they were a couple.

I don't really know anything about celebrities. I'm not even completely sure what the attraction is.

little hat said...

Poor bastards having to live in the glare of media to that extent. Hoew could any relationship survive that intrusion.

Choose a less than handsome man with a heart of gold and the passion to match and you have a good deal. I've often asked myself what my beautiful wife saw in me - a gangly, badly dressed skinny bloke with long greasy hair. She says it was my sense of humour and my being as different as was imaginable from her father. We moved in with each other the week after we met. You don't want to know how long ago that was.

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic that you're still together after that long. Congratulations to both you and Mrs Hat.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and happy festivus.

Melba said...

Happy Festivus! And yes, that's a lovely story little hat.

Mr E said...

Hi Melbs,

Happy new year and all that stuff!

I'm fascinated. I'm truly truly fascinated, as one who is regarded internationally as a Guru Googler* as well is being a former twenty-year resident of Olinda, as to how the fuck you got from the tragic tale of Karin (who I've known for many years) and Willi to thingo and what's the name (Who I assume are celebrities of some kind).

I'd appreciate if you could step me through the process that you went through, because for the life of me, no matter how many times I've tried, I haven't been able to get there.

If any reason you are in doubt of my googling prowesss, See Here and listen to Ep,142,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr E, I'm a Google Guru too; got a certificate and everything. Of course, I didn't have to send anyone muffins in order to earn it, so I'm kind of wondering now if it's even worth the pixels it's printed on.

About that show but -- Professional Leftist -- how come it is that I can find dozens of similar podcasts from Yankeeland and absolutely nothing grown locally? How good would it be to be able to settle in at the end of each week with a nice pot of tea and listen to a bunch of foul-mouthed, axe-grinding lefties eruditely ridicule Australia's political and religious right. 'twould be fuckin' awesome, right?

And speaking of "Professional" Leftist and things that are awesome (I noticed their logo), how good was "The Professional" eh? Only time I've ever seen Natalie Portman give a top-notch performance and Jean Reno at his best (swoon). Oh, and Oldman too.

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