Monday, December 31, 2012

I'll let you know how this went


Happy New Year.


Melba said...

Well, today actually. Didn't happen. It was gonna, then it wasn't. Then it was gonna, and then it wasn't again. Am home in the bosom of my family which is actually quite alright.

Happy end of year all.

Melba said...
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Anonymous said...

So was it that you couldn't go or you decided not to?

If you decided you didn't wanna, I guess it's no big deal, but if you wanted to and couldn't, I'm sorry to hear that.

I fell asleep on a lounge watching schlocky sci-fi shit, if that makes you feel any better.

Melba said...

Nah, in the end it would have cost me $600 and I obviously didn't want to go enought otherwise I would have paid it, especially since I found $450 at the back of my bedside drawer just before Christmas, so it would only have 'felt like' $150. But I didn't want to pay it because we (my airline friend et moi) thought we could do it for free.

So essentially I decided I didn't wanna.

If you were happy to fall asleep on a lounge, then that's cool but I ended up having a very nice time. low-key (always the preferred mode) - yummy snacky stuff like cheeses and other deli items, champagne (1/2 bott) and re-watching Get Him to the Greek and Hot Tub Time Machine with Princess. Bed at 1.30, couldn't sleep because of the fucking huge long black I had at airport 'to keep me awake' but eventually fell asleep to the dulcet tones of Clokes heavy breathing as he slept. Perfect, and better than being on A 747 flying in circles to be honest.

sarah toa said...

Cool. Good stuff. My new years was equally cruisy and fun and ordinary.
Happy new year Melba!