Thursday, March 07, 2013

Because I want to push Ms Knightley off the top of the page


New genetic evidence suggests that the most recent male common ancestor of all men (down the male line) is twice as old as we thought. A DNA sample from a deceased African-American was recently submitted for genetic analysis. Astonishingly, his Y chromosome was found to be completely unlike any other that's been analyzed so far - so different that when it's included, his DNA pushes Y chromosome Adam back to 340,000 years ago. That is actually BEFORE anatomically modern humans evolved.

Taken from I Fucking Love Science


Mr E said...

So much for all that old twaddle about "girls mature earlier".

Melba said...

Exactly Mr E.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for posting that Melba; that Facebook page sent me off on all kinds of reading tangents over the weekend. Although, I will say that the New Scientist article that this story came from probably could have been better written.