Friday, March 08, 2013

Couple of Amanda Palmer vids for the long weekend

I see this blog sometimes as a depository for stuff I like and want to collect. That way I can keep all sorts of good things in the one place. So even though you might have seen this stuff like ages ago, I am holding it up by the corner and dropping it here.



And then if you're at all interested in seeing her TED Talk, well here that is too:


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Alex said...

I don't know when I'd ever sit and listen to Ms Palmer's music for an extended period of time, but I do have to admire her approach to the music biz.

I left another comment on the heels discussion, too, with a little advice on keeping track of new comments, if you're interested.

Melba said...

Me either, it's not about the music (because nothing's about music for me, really) - it's more I find her interesting as a package and as a person working the biz. I also like she has hairy armpits, you don't see that much and people seem to freak out when women have hairy armpits:

I remember the kerfuffle around Julia Roberts in a red dress with unshaved pits.

Alex said...

I'm just thinking about how capricious Youtube is when it comes to what it allows up. Ms Palmer's got full frontal nudity and borderline softcore porn in her music vids and yet I've seen "How to check your breasts for lumps" videos taken down for being too explicit. Hmmm, maybe if Amanda Palmer did a lump-check video ...

Do you reckon that most regular people "freak out" over women with body hair, or just the yoof and a loud minority which includes the media (whose job it is to freak out and make a big deal over everything)?

Speaking of, I don't know whether I find that article more annoying or sad. Her personal story is basically "When I was little, I was teased because I looked different. The day I was able to change my appearance to look like everyone else was the happiest day of my life. Now, fifty some odd years later, the lesson I've taken away from that experience is that things that look different are ugly and sickening and deserve to be ridiculed". Fuckin' hell.

Then there's this bit: "While I’m sure the majority of these women spend hours and thousands keeping their bodies hairless for themselves, rather than the men in their lives ..."

Followed by this: "If only men knew the way to tell if a woman is losing interest in them is how often she has her bikini line waxed or shaves her legs. Body hair is clear signal you’re not interested in sex — with him, anyway."

... But if women were removing their hair, just for themselves, why would this be? Was that first part meant to be funny or ironic or something?

And then there's the bit about how "The hairy girl on the telly says that in her own first-hand real-world experience, men don't seem fazed by a bit of body hair; but I'm going to dismiss that as being almost certainly bullshit because a popular fictional television program told me otherwise."

And I guess this is what I was getting at in the other thread with the high heels. If you drew a venn diagram with one circle representing all the appearance related things that (many) women are anxious about, because they've seen this stuff on telly, or in magazines, or just from talking to other women; and the other circle was stuff that (many) men really care about when it comes to a woman's appearance; how much overlap do you reckon there'd be?

And you're right, I don't know that most men want big penises (I'm completely crossing over the threads now). I've never had a bloke actually tell me that. It's just another thing I've absorbed culturally.

Melba said...

Well they'd never say they wanted a bigger one because that would mean admitting something, Alex.

I actually didn't read the article I linked to, I should, I just found it and saw it was about hairy armpits and had Julia Roberts in it. I did link the right one I hope.

For all your other questions, I just don't know. I reckon some people are inhibited for their own reasons (inner) and other for outer reasons - and who can try to understand or appreciate the wide range of human diversity, ie what's normal.

Oh with the breast lump check video being taken down, probably something to do with the tagging? Having the word 'breast'? I dunno.

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