Friday, March 29, 2013


Sunday early morning we fly to Sydney. Unless something called 'loads' are light and this means connecting flights may be cancelled, if that happens we might fly to Sydney tomorrow night so we are already there and it's less stressful getting up there early in the morning.

Around 11 we fly Sydney to LAX. Arrive there, still Sunday morning around 6.30am.
I get picked up outside a hotel at the airport to go on the


I bet it will be quite shouty but that's ok. I'll be EXCITED.

I am already excited.

Then I have to get dropped off in Hollywood and catch a train Downtown to meet Scott, who will take me on a walking tour of the Downtown area. Apparently this is old LA with some cool buildings. Meanwhile, my friend P is going to the Opera, a matinee that starts around 4pm. Before that, he will have taken both our bags to the hotel and slept (because he will have worked on the flight over - he's a hostie. I thought I explained all this to you. Keep up, jeez.)

Then P will come and meet me and Scott Downtown (not sure why it's capitalised) and we will probably have something to eat. He will have picked up our hire car already and so after that we drive back to the hotel which is is ORANGE COUNTY.

I love The OC, I would like to get a t-shirt for Princess cause she would enjoy that ironically.

Then the next day (so this is Monday) we drive to Newport Beach. Again, OC territory although I looked up and most of the location shots from the OC aren't in, er, OC. So I'm unlikely to see the pier that Seth and Ryan rode/skated down, or the lifesaver box that Marissa sulked in. Maybe Balboa Bars don't even exist...


This is more exciting than the Hollywood tour.

OK, so we shop. I look for shirts for Clokey, and some shoes for me. And t-shirts. And maybe a bag.

Then back to the hotel. That's Monday.

Tuesday - early wake up call like 5.30am, we go to airport, fly to NYC. We arrive at 5.10pm. I don't get the time, it's a 5-hour flight but we waste a whole day. Never mind. I meet the agent that night for a drink at a funky sounding beer and ale spot in Brooklyn. Not sure about dinner, it's a bit like a date... see how we go. Meanwhile P has GONE TO THE OPERA. AGAIN. This time it's Faustus at the Met. I really didn't want to go. We stay at the hotel in Brooklyn.

Wednesday - we get up early, have breakfast. Plan is to walk across Brooklyn Bridge, go to SoHo to where the High Line is, and walk along that. It's an old railway line, that's elevated, and has been turned into a park.

I will also try to have a hotdog as per m_m's recommendation and P wants to go to a poster shop. To buy a poster I guess.

We have a 3.15pm call to room and have to make a 6.30pm flight back to LA. We arrive back in LA at 9.30pm.

Thursday - we don't have any plans yet. Maybe shopping at the Mall thingy near the hotel. Thursday night we have a very late flight back to Sydney, then to Melbs.

So happy Easter everyone, and I hope to have some news when I get back. Some things seem to be moving a little...


Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage (Hey, you speak French, what does that actually mean? Good trip?)

In any case, have a good trip. And a safe one. Oh, and don't forget to pack a jacket. I keep hearing about how the weather in New York is fickle as fuck these days. Oh wait, you're from Melbourne, never mind.

Looking forward to the news when you get back. Have fun!

Melba said...

Yes Bon = good, Voyage = ah, voyage

Thanks! I'm a little excited, using too many CAPS and exclamation marks. Yes I looked up NY weather, it looks chillay. As long as they don't have a snow storm/hurricane I'll be fine. Us Melburnians know all about changeable weather. Layering is key.

suze2000 said...

Sounds fantastic. Have fun. :)

Melba said...

Thanks Suze, we are flying to Sydney tonight, so I'll check back in when I'm home. Ciao ciao

magical_m said...

Sounds AWESOME! Enjoy and remember, you can sleep on the flights so don't waste any time sleeping when in LA and NYC. Also, pick yourself up some Nyquil before you leave LA and down two big slugs as soon as you get on the flight home. Knock you out for a good eight-ten hours. It's been my never-fail flight buddy since 1995. Brilliant stuff, curiously not available in Australia, despite it being a Vicks product. xx