Monday, March 20, 2006

new enterprises

i have started two new blogs. you will see them linked to the right.

one is under the food heading, it's my own place to talk about food. it is not reviews, which is done in a collectively marvellous way at we do chew our food.

so i present to you food musings. i'd love you to take a look and let's start a discourse about food. you know you want to.

i repeat, i will not be in direct competition with that lot, of which i am one. but i have been wanting to do a food thing for a while, and now is the time. you know, now that i have to really be concentrating on my thesis, focused and really committed. what better time?

in that vein, the slowly-beating one which pumps with my commitment to my thesis, i also announce the other, other new blog.

this one is where i hope people can answer questions i seem to have every day, about mundane household-y things. and i hope people will also ask questions. and that other people will then answer those questions, so that in about five years we will have all the questions in the world, about how to really get a shower clean without using chemicals, and what's the best way to shape a lavender bush, along with all the answers in the world. we will have presidents visiting this blog to check the archives and find out the best way to remove semen from close-weave fabric.

grandiose? absolutely. frivolous? maybe. useful? undoubtedly.

so, see you at big tips for all those questions and answers. that we all have. don't we?


Chai said...


Melba said...

merely a complementary move, my dear chai. like i said, there won't be any reviews. but there will be things like where to get good ingredients etc.

keeping it all in the family.

Chai said...

It sounds like a good project.
It seems WDCOF is on and we're getting heaps of traffic from them.

BEVIS said...

Foodpornwatch?? I don't think I want to know ...

MG, this sounds like a great idea - well done! Sorry I've been AWOL for a few days (did you even notice?), but I like your initiative with these two new blogs. :)

Hope you're well 'n' stuff.

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