Wednesday, March 29, 2006

sundry literary matters - easton ellis, dbc pierre and whoever writes the funny political sidebar in the age, oh misha schubert

i am being a good girl and reading the next book on the list for ms fits' bookclub.

well i hope it's the new book. i can't quite see where it's confirmed, anyway i purchased ludmila's broken english and am reading it. i look forward to being able to say something about it, unlike the last one, which i committed to, and then forgot.

i'm also excited because a friend has bought be lunar park by bret (two ts or one? methinks one) easton ellis (two ls or one? can't be fucked checking). but it might take a while for it to migrate from northcote down south. we don't see each other alot.

THEN today i chuckled when i read the following, inspired by the love-fest that our parliamentary members have been enjoying recently, with a visit from tony blair:

"Like a minx basking in the afterglow of its romp with Tony Blair, Parliament yesterday laid back and lit a metaphoric cigarette." (page 9, today's age.)

speaking of tony blair, hearing part of his speech on the radio made me think, does he really believe what he is saying or is he that good an actor? i just don't understand. he sounds so convincing when he talks about the evil of terrorism. as if it is something simpler than oppression + hopelessness = death. was this the equation? i can't find the article i clipped just at the moment. but it amuses me, and saddens me, that the flawed human capacity for choosing perspective, or even only being able to have one perspective means that love for one, is hate for another; freedom fighting for one is terrorism for another; sage green for one is gold for another.


Locket said...

Yeah, it's Bret with one t. He and Wil Traval are too cool for repetition.

I bought LP after hearing cotton rave about it for so long, but only got half way through before I started having chronic nightmares about that freaking Turby.

It continues to sit unfinished on my bedside table, mocking my delicacy.

MelbourneGirl said...

are you old enough to remember siimon reynolds, ad golden boy of the '80s. who put an extra i in his name, something to do with numerology.

still looking like an '80s boy.

re lunar park, i am looking forward to it. i have an iron constitution.

Locket said...

well you can tell me how it ends


sublime-ation said...

Roslyn Oxley9, art dealer, did the same thing. It's numerology.

Seemed to work for her.