Friday, March 10, 2006

when you don't check your yahoo mail account

often i forget i have another email address. and today i saw that there were 27 new messages, from the foodie group. there have been conversations going on, new members being welcomed, angst about templates and such, pleadings about editing out old hotmail addresses. and silence from me.

i'm sorry guys. if any of you still come here after what you probably thought was my icy, stony cold silence. i still love you all.

but i have been exceedingly busy of late. trying to finish this fucking thesis. it is on my mind all the time, and now i have an extension until the 31st of may.

and yesterday i was in court supporting a friend who had an application for an intervention order taken out against him by a psycho who is actually the one doing all the bad stuff, like hitting people, and swearing at them most disgustingly.

anyway, he is coming to dinner tonight along with another couple.

what to cook. what to cook?


i tried to look up hunkar begendi in my copy of larousse gastronomique. it wasn't there but this was:

foie gras

preparations made from the livers of fattened geese and ducks were know to the ancients. the goose was regarded by the romans not only as a sacred animal, from the time when a goose saved the capitol, but also as a succulent one, for its meat and liver were highly prized by the gourmets of this time.

the romans used various methods of fattening ducks and thereby causing a considerable swelling of hte liver. history tells us that in order to fatten goose livers, scipio metellus, a roman gastronome, had the idea of plunging the livers, warm from the still panting bird, in a bath of milk and honey, where they were left for several hours. when taken out of the milk, the livers were considerably swollen and it is said (though we can scarcely believe it) endowed with a richer flavour.

one thing is certain, the fat goose livers upon which the romans feasted were very large indeed.

in cookey the name foie gras is used only of goose or duck liver fattened in a special way.

these livers, especually those of geese, sometimes grow to a considerable size. the livers of toulouse and strasbourg geese sometimes wiegh as much as 4 pounds (2 kilos).

foie gras is regarded as one of the greatest delicacies available. 'The goose,' says C. Gerard, author of L'Ancienne Alsace a table, 'is nothing, but man has made of it an istrument for the output of a marvellous product, a kind of living hothouse in which grows the supreme fruit of gastonomy.'

this 'fruit' is foie gras, from which are made the succulent potted products and marvellous pates made in some french towns such as strasbourg, toulouse, perigneux, nancy etc.

the finest foies gras come from geese reared in alsace and south-western france. toulouse foies gras are greatly sought after. duck foie gras is also very delicate but having a tendency to disintegrate in cooking, lends itself less satisfactorily to the many ways, hot or cold, in which foie gras can be prepared. other european countries (besides france) produce very good goose foie gras, notably austria, czechoslovakia and the duchy of luxembourg.

[taken from auge, gillon, hollier-larousse, moureau & ci (1961) larousse gastronomique,
paris: paul hamlyn limited. p. 418]


Dxxxx said...

Sorry, but even when I ate flesh, I would have found that gross!!

Have a fun barbie guys, I wish i could be there!!!!


BEVIS said...

Hope you have a great time, and can provide him a much-needed break from the mayhem (just don't sweat at him; even as a joke - that'd just be cruel!).

And as for the unanswered emails, you'd have to agree that my pleas concerning the Hotmail address were the most valid.


*taps foot warningly*

MelbourneGirl said...

sorry dstah i did think i might gross out some vegies. you still love me don't you? i was more interested in that piece as a history thing rather than something that made me salivate.

and bevis i will do my very best not to sweat on him. i would never do that to a dinner guest unless he got in the way while i was in the kitchen, and i will also try not to swear at him.

yes, your hotmail pleas were the most valid. truly.

Locket said...

mg I hope you cut and pasteded that, otherwise I'll worry about you making the May deadline.

sublime-ation said...

I love that you referenced the Larousse academically, you are so in midst Thesis.
I think that was the first time I've ever seen a blogger do that. I heart a proper reference.

To be honest, we all have the 27 unread emails from the foodie group sitch once in a while. Well, Fluffy and I do, we discussed this at our Ladies Bloggers dinner. I always forget to check my yahoo. And really, as long as one person replies and says 'yes this is good', do the rest of us really care? I think not.
I love Foie Gras, but did you know we couldnt get any this Christmas cause of bird flu? Devo what!
I will get up early tomm. to get some merguez and perhaps some rillette and cornichons for you on Sun though.

Chai said...

What do you normally use to read your mail. It may be able to consolidate your mail accounts ie. have the mail reader fetch mail from all your accounts.

Locket said...

You have a ladies blogger dinner?

[sobs. alone. in sydney.]

BEVIS said...

Ha! Nice answer. Yes, you knew what I meant; 'swear', not 'sweat'. How funny that my typo still made a weird kind of sense, though.

And also:

You have a ladies blogger dinner?

[sobs. alone. as a male.]

Sexism sucks, don't you think, ladies? Hrmm?

MelbourneGirl said...

don't be sad locky. i missed it too.

MelbourneGirl said...

oh and thanks chai. i might try to check that out, it would make it much easier for me to manage all my important daily affairs and personas.

scarlett said...

Melgirl, locket told me you were bringing your puppy to the bbq, i would of loved to have seen/cuddled/complained that i don't have one, but due to my stupidity, went to the wrong park.
apologies, scarlett

Dxxxx said...

Of course i still love you MG!

bbq updates STAT!

Susanne said...

Good luck with the thesis.

I'm just starting mine- so scary!