Sunday, March 05, 2006

went to brokeback today

spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler

unfortunately i was sitting next to this person:

no i'm not being mean about my nan. we stumbled in, the film had already started and the first available two seats not too close to the front were next to nan.

she had her handbag on her lap. i had a large diet something in a cup on mine, my lap, even though it was a medium one, it was huge. i drink diet somethings about once or twice a year. i don't drink soft drink, so please don't judge me, but i had had a very large night, the night before, that's saturday night, so i just needed it, all right? and so i could write that sentence with lots of "nights" in it.

so, the movie.

i liked it alot. yes i went the tear, and i also did this at one point in the movie, when something happened that i really didn't expect:

exactly like this except i'm not a man. really.

during the sex scene in the tent, where it's so dark you can't see anything, and which makes words like "explicit" laughable, nan put her hand up to her face. it distracted me, and took me out of that tent. which was annoying. i was thinking, shit, didn't she know what this movie is about, a love story between two men, what if she had no idea, jesus how awful for her. and other thoughts like that. distracting and annoying.

i liked it so much:

other movies on the list to see:

- walk the line

- match point

- capote

one question, if anyone has seen brokeback mountain, do you think jack's wife knew about him and ennis before she was on the phone to ennis? do you think she realised how he died? what do you think?

also i think there was a glimpse of ennis's penis during his love scene with his wife. anyone else catch that?


Another Outspoken Female said...

Just as we have 'cry baby' sessions for those who want to take a screaming infant to the movies, I think we need to have 'talking Nana sessions'. I had a pair behind me when I saw 'Broken Flowers". They didn't look like typical Jarmusch fans. One appointed herself as Narrator throughout the film, making obvious plot comments, very loudly, a few beats after the shot appeared on screen. At the end Narrator turned to her companion and said 'well, that wasn't a very satisfying film'. I couldn't have agreed more!

As for wife and penis. The former a definite maybe, the latter, maybe I blinked.

Mma Crankypants said...

I think the wife definitely knew about Jack's extra-marital activities. In fact I think it was either she or her daddy who may have organised the whole thing.

teaspoon said...

GAHH!! Spoiler alert! I know am well behind the rest of the world but haven't seen it yet and am trying to type this without seeing the comments. Please, please put spoiler alerts.

Magical_M said...

I'm with AOF on the 'talking nana sessions'. I had one of them next to me when I saw Walk the Line and I damn nearly tipped my jumbo coke over her head. The running commentary on how Joaquin didn't look anything like Johnny Cash was not necessary. He was ACTING nana. Jeez.

I think I'm one of the few people who has yet to see Brokeback... as much as I love Jake, I can't get past my dislike of Heath. I will try though.

But Capote is definitely on my list. PSH is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood.

Chai said...

Saw Capote on Sat. I missed a lot of the dialogue cos of the way he spoke. Makes it hard to like the movie when that happens.

And I guess a spoiler alert would have been nice.

Susanne said...

Walk the Line is great. Go see it.

*spoiler warning

I think Jack's wife definitely knew about how he died, the story she told Ennis was totally just the 'official line'.

MelbourneGirl said...

sorry guys about spoiling it for anyone. i didn't think of that, but i guess if it was me, i just wouldn't read a post that had a title which indicated what was to follow.

Locket said...

Hey noods,

why you no likey the Heath?

Was it anything to do with his fucking awful turn in Ned Kelly?

Or a more personal thing?

Magical_M said...

Hey Lockyloo...

I no likey the Heath since I saw him abuse someone when he was in my 'hood (filming Candy) just because they walked in front of him.

The person was just a local doing their shopping... so not a cool thing to do Heath, even if you were being "method".

I didn't bother seeing Ned Kelly. Blokes running around with garbage pails on their heads is not my idea of a good flick.

MelbourneGirl said...

there you go locket. no romance gone bad with our m_m and heath. but stories like that are not good for their rep on the ground. he might just have been having a bad day, but he might be a full-time bastard too.

i must say he does tend to look particularly tight-faced when on camera at awards, ie the oscars the other night. unlike gorgeous george who is just so appealing and natural and funny.

hmmm, big crush there i'm afraid.

Locket said...

Ah Georgie Boy (not to be confused with Boy George). What a hotty hottison.

He came up last night while I was watching Without a Trace with my cousin. I asked if she'd pash Anthony LaPaglia if she had the chance. She said yes. I said she was disgusting but that I couldn't talk because I'd definitely do Gary Sweet and David Spader. Maybe at the same time. Then she said George Clooney and I said WTF, he doesn't belong in this conversation.

That man is in a league of his own. I want to bear his children. But they'd probably grow up to be damn fine too and there'd deffo be something sick about finding your own offspring sexually attractive.

A thought just occurred to me... does that mean I have to marry someone ugly?

As for the Heath... a few of us went out for a mutual friend's birthday when he was back last year and he was totes lovely... but we were all Perth kids and he probably knew we wouldn't take any crap.

Method schmethod

Magical_M said...

hey locky - speaking of finding your offspring sexually attractive - did you see the quote from the Trumpster today? He thinks his little Ivanka is gorgeous and "if she wasn't my kid I'd probably date her".



Locket said...

I don't listen to a word that comes out of that man's mouth. I'm always too busy trying to figure out how he does his hair.

Locket said...

hey mg?

sorry, this is off-post (that self-imposed ban on cottonwood gives me the shits sometimes) but I was wondering

are you taking the gigi to the bbq?

MelbourneGirl said...

hey locket,

um, hadn't planned to but she would certainly be an ice breaker as she jumped all over people and gave them big welts with her claws.

that might be a good idea though.

do you think anyone hates dogs? like anyone cottony?

was it you that said you had a friend who would need some gigi loving? is that scarlett? i can take her sure, why not. all in i guess. wish you could come too.

Tuppence said...

Hey MG. There's a big discussion about the movie here that answers the question you asked.

Secondly - there are some famous pictures of Heath's wang circulating on the internet (warning - NSFW).

MelbourneGirl said...

tuppence. i read those threads, some good answers there you're right.

and thanks for that other link too.