Thursday, April 06, 2006

arrested development, arrested life.

i know i'm slow. i've been studying with my head in books for the last two years, plus being romantically inclined along with everything else in my little life.
did everyone know about this show, arrested development?
we have just finished watching the first two seasons on dvd. i love it. it makes me laugh out loud which is not easy to do. all the characters are wonderful, they all amuse me. it's too hard to break down, but it is so funny.

the other thing we love love love is larry david's curb your enthusiasm. also, hello, did everyone else know about this too?

what else is there i might have missed? once i've got my thesis in i'm happy to commit to almost anything requiring a lot of dedicated time input. but it has to be really really good. no dross. my life is too short.
so we watched arrested development to fill in time while waiting to get a hold of curb your enthusiasm season 5. now i'm hooked on arrested and there's only one more season at the video shop; so tell me please. where am i going to get my laughs in the next 6 weeks once we have finished watching these?
only funny suggestions please. i need to laugh.


sublime-ation said...

oh, I'm so with you. Doing a thesis/big book, the only thing you can watch is short and funny, and the only thing I can read is chick lit. Pathetic, yes, but my brain just can't be intellectual all the bloody time.
You might also want to check out: Little Britain, We Can Be Heroes (so worth it), Family Guy (the best); American Dad, Brotown, Futurama, and there's this new show late at night (Sundays 11pm) on Ch10 called The Ronnie Johns Half Hour.
I have been re-visiting Ab Fab, The Late Show, the Comedy Company and Frontline. They're still good.

sublime-ation said...

oh and Scrubs. That and Family Guy and American Dad are on tonight.
Yay for laughs.

Chai said...

Check out the average user rating.

And u know AD has got the AXE. Quality is the kiss of death for any TV series.

Magical_M said...

AD has been one of my faves for some time now. I've loved Jason Bateman since I was ten.

Did you know that Scott Baio has taken over from Henry Winkler as the Bluth family lawyer in series 3?

Chachi taking over from the Fonz.

Casting GENIUS

Magical_M said...

Oh and I also recommend Scrubs.

Tammiodo said...

Here i am, visiting this blog for the first time, only to find that you are all people after my very own heart.

I would highly recommend Scrubs, Futurama and Family Guy.

And the Comedy Festival's about to start...

MelbourneGirl said...

hm, i forgot about we can be heroes. missed it when it was on the teeve. will check out stat. what's brotown about just the name makes me smile. frontline is a classic, should revisit myself.

and on the reading front, i am managing fiction whereas a few years ago i felt saturated. back into it now and trying to be a good girl and finish ludmila for fits' book club. at least i think we're doing it.

chachi taking over from the fonze, yes pure genius mm. and hello tammiodo welcome.

hey chai, i like word of mouth from friends not those rating things. i don't trust numbers. sorry. but thanks anyway. how are you anyway? are things ok in your world?

sublime-ation said...

We Can Be Heroes is brilliant. Brotown is from NZ, check it out.

michellesarah said...

I'm with sublime on this one, except on the Futurama. Blerg.

I love love love Arrested Development, I didn't know it was on DVD, this means I must rent it, as I love the show but I'm too much of a sook to stay up that late to watch it most of the time!

Chai said...

Regd FF, where are you going to find 2500 user reviews with an average of review score of 5/5 stars? I gave it 5/5 too.

Chai said...

D'oh... just spotted typo... sorry...

MelbourneGirl said...
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MelbourneGirl said...

chai is firefly a cartoon. i'm sorry i can only watch simpsons occasionally, i just can't commit to another cartoon format. i'm too old. but i'll check out your link.

we started the third disc of arrested development series, can't remember season one or two. brilliant. also watched we can be heroes over the weekend, with final show last night. how fucking brilliant an actor was that dude? ricky wong, what a beautiful guy, so so sweet - i've taught alot of chinese students and without offending anyone, lilley had the patois down pat. and talking of pat. pat the roller, i got a tear at the end. what a wonderful character. and the ex-cop, a touch derivative of david brent peut-etre? the ja'ime a classic and the twins. with the fireworks at the end. at least they stood well back.

oh and with arrested, julia louis dreyfuss guested in a couple last night; she really just is elaine but she was good.

sublime-ation said...

I know, he's brilliant. You actually believe he's a sixteen year old girl etc.
My friend J and I can't stop saying 'Nathan ya fag' and giving the finger in photos now...and singing 'You can win gold...'
A friend of mine who is Asian met Chris Lilley, (genius) and told him how much he loved Ricky Wong's character.He said Chris was really shy and sweet, and was a bit worried he might have found it racist, but my friend was like 'no way, it reminded me so much of my cousins in Doncaster' etc. and was so excited to meet Chris. Apparently he's working on a new series.
Check out the website it's got all this funny stuff, I have printed off Ja'ime's Global Vision poster for my bathroom.

Chai said...

Nahh... not cartoon... It's by the Buffy people. It's special. AD and FF was the best thing I saw on TV last year.

BEVIS said...

Hi MG,

I just want to apologise for not having left a comment here in what feels like ages (to me, anyway).

I have so much to say on this topic, it's insane (actually, much of it I thought about when I first read this the day you posted it, but didn't have time to type my thoughts out, and in the meantime others have said it for me!), but I've been so busy with everything else in life that I've only really had time to keep my own blog going. Barely no comments anywhere else recently. (And I hear someone asked me a question in Ms Fits' Friday Q&A?! Goodness!)

I promise to come back and leave a proper comment on Arrested Development (and many of the other shows mentioned above) soon, but for now (at 1:50am), I'm going to bed.

No hard feelings I hope.

MelbourneGirl said...

no hards bevis. i understand your life is all a-change. what with that x-box and all.

just kidding. hope wifey is feeling ok and has stopped those requests for gherkins and ice cream at 2am.

Tammiodo said...

Ooh, the other one that's pretty funny is Drawn Together. I'm not sure about the DVD situation of that one though, one of my friends downloaded them...totally legally of course...

sublime-ation said...

I woke up this morning and remembered Black Books!
Can't believe I forgot it, I have the massivest crush on Dylan Moran.
Grumpy alcoholic bookish black haired green eyed Irish guys get me everytime. (ugh gross that pretty much describes my father. How Oedipal).