Wednesday, April 12, 2006

an ordinary life

what do i do all day i hear you ask?

well here are some of today's activities, in no special order:

organise a chimney sweep. hope he has a top hat and is older than four years old.

do several lots of dishes. it just never ends.

collect the mail.

drop off a large bag of dope to the caulfield police station.

then take the library books back.

do some thesis. please don't make insensitive comments about my man hands. i'ts always been a touchy subject with me.



"take a break"

do the school run once. only once though because john is at home today.

which means i can do some more of my thesis.

make some calls.

read the paper.

talk about what to have for dinner.

do a couple of loads of washing.

tell gigi she's a good girl.

this is a very old picture of her, but it's so cute. it's the gigilove.

watch neighbours.

and that about wraps up my day.

by the way, we are having a bbq.


Justine said...

looks very familiar...

sublime-ation said...

Hey MG, you know the Caulfield Police Station has been temporarily relocated to North Carlton right? My house?
'k cool.

I have one tomm at Kiwis house, Richmond Branch. Hope it won't be too cold.

Another Outspoken Female said...

ok ok ok I will be the first curious soul to ask - what was up with the C. sativa??

MelbourneGirl said...

what is c. sativa aof? see above story maybe it answers your question.

sublime, hope weather is ok for bb1 tomorrow.

justine, i know. it's mostly all drudgery.

elaine said...

I'm not allowed to steal the gigi, am I?