Thursday, April 20, 2006

only eight eps to go of six feet under, don't read it if you don't want to know some stuff

six feet under would have to be one of my favourite shows of all time.
i think when it finishes, i will need the dvd collection. i will miss it, the show, and the people.
check out the hbo website to remind yourself of what has happened thus far, and after this week's episode where nate bashed the blue bird (of happiness?) to death with a broom at his surprise 40th birthday party, i just don't know that it will all be ok in the end.
i know the creator Alan Ball has tried to keep it realistic and resisted some writers wanting to break up relationships so they can write new things. he said
sometimes i exercise veto power. for the longest time there was a lot of energy behind splitting david and keith up and letting david move on, because there was concern that keith was not a good partner for him... i fought that. i just felt that this is what these characters are going through, this is what will solidify them as a couple. a lot of times writers get bored: 'i want a new doll to play with.' i think what's more interesting is trying to maintain a relationship with somebody who's so different. what i'm interested in is seeing these two men who are basically good people with different pathologies trying to make them work... no this show is not about moving on and getting the next new exciting thing to happen. this show is about what it is like to remain in a relationship. this show is about what it is like to remain alive while other people die. you stick it out. you don't just jettison and move on.
[taken from the age green guide, april 13, p.16]

what is going to happen to claire and billy? actually, i think claire can take care of herself. in which case, what is going to happen to billy?

is claire ever going to make things up with ruth? they are so hating each other right now.

david and keith have been getting on so well. are they going to get their baby and be happy?

how significant will george's daughter maggie be? was i imagining a frisson or two between her and nate? he was leaning in for a kiss at his party, was he not?

will we ever find out anything more about lisa? it seemed to jump from when her brother-in-law confessed to nate and then shot himself. that was the end of the season, and then this season there seemed to be a gap, or is that just me?

i just love that kitchen. this isn't a question or a loose end. it's just a statement. i love that kitchen.

will rico and vanessa get back together?

will ruth ever be happy again? will george be ok. a heartbreaking scene this week, involving him and his mother. truly one of the saddest things i have ever seen on film.

and finally:

will nate fucking get his shit together and make a life with brenda? she's already feeling insecure, she has done really well to pull herself together, she's pregnant again after a traumatic miscarriage the day before their wedding. why does he seem to keep repeating the pattern, and behaviour, of a commitment phobe? he's done it all along. is this going to be his fate?

and really, did nate die during season two? is it going to be like some sort of inverted bobby ewing thing or the sixth sense all over again? are they going to fuck with our minds?


Justine said...

I love the theme music passionately. Its what drew me to the show.

I'm still only up to season 2... can't wait catch up.

MelbourneGirl said...

i want to watch the whole thing again from the beginning. i hope i didn't spoil anything for you.

theme music is excellent.

Another Outspoken Female said...

My kiwi spies who have seen the series promise it will be darker and better than ever.

I found the kitchen gloomy. Maybe its just because so much tension goes on in there!

I wish Brenda would just miscarry and become a sex addict again!! Or be a pregnant sex addict - she really is rather boring straight.

Nate is still heart throbbingly cute, even when he's acting like a total dick.

Life will never be the same again.

Tammiodo said...

i fell in love with this show during the first two series, but due to timing and being away etc,. i found i had missed too much of it by the end of the third series to really know what was going on when I tried to pick it up. It's on my list of dvds. I will definitely watch it from the start again though.

Callum said...

i live in the uk and we had the finale in late 2005 and it is so good! The finale is amazing, they just couldn't have done it better.

Magical_M said...

I have "iss-ews" with Maggie. I don't like what they're hinting at with her and Nate.

I like my TV people to live happily ever after. Cos most people in real life don't.

And I want Nate and Brenda to have that happily ever after and obviously the writers don't otherwise they wouldn't have written Maggie in.

I think Billy is heading for the loony bin yet again.

I think Ruth is finally coming into her own - I loved the way she ordered Claire out of the kitchen this week.

I think the surrogate mother was the girl who played Jan in the Brady Bunch movie.

That is one scary piece of casting.

I'm going to be so sad when this series is over.

Another Outspoken Female said...

This monday night I sat down to watch 'enough rope' (my pre SFU viewing) and before Denton could grace the screen the TV went off, the lights, the power - everything. As the minutes in the darkness ticked away to the sound of dogs barking in an eerily dark street, it occured to me that the power might not be back in time for the SFU hit. I couldn't tape it either (obviously). We entertained ourselves with Phillip Adams, sharing an earpiece each, on my tiny little transister. 10.35 came around, then 10.40 and finally 5 minutes later the TV sprung back into life. The start of the program had been delayed too!!

Now that's synchronicity.

Bongi-Amma said...

mwahaha i know the answers to all those questions, just finished watching the last season, it was phenomenal! you will not be let down!

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