Wednesday, August 30, 2006

i am so shit at sewing

recently the delightful fluffy asked people what they are bad at.

i forgot to say i really suck big time at sewing. this can even be sewing a simple, simple thing.

just now i did princess a favour and sewed up the two gaps in the teddy bear she made at aftercare on monday. she is going on school camp next week and had the great idea of taking it, along with a message written on it from moi, saying love you, have a great time, etc. and then getting her friends to also sign it.

so, i sewed up the seams which had been left after she had shoved the stuffing in. this went well. see, i can do some things like this, and then it gives me confidence, so then i try something a little more complex, and get myself into a "situation."

then i thought i'd do her another favour. she's sewn on a button on the teddy's front (why are bears always boys?) and a bell somewhere near his belly. she said she wanted to make his nose, in a triangle, with brown thread. you know, like the traditional bears.

so i thought i'd do that for her and give her a surprise.

i couldn't fucking do it.

i tried.


both times i got myself into such a knotty place that i had to cut the thread, swear, then try to get the tiny knots out where i'd sewn through the thread.

i'm so good at bad sewing.

ps why won't blogger load more than a couple of pics at a time? it's bothering me something awful.


BEVIS said...

Because you may be good at bad sewing, but Blogger is EXCEPTIONAL at terrible picture uploading!

fluffy said...

I'd give you a bear's nose sewing tutorial but till I read this post I would have sworn it would have been one of those things you'd never use in real life.

Dxxxx said...

I am also shit at sewing. Buttons I can manage.

Although Cross stitch, longstitch etc I am a queen at. that's just following a grid. But real sewing? nah.

ThirdCat said...

Sewing is hard. And then at the end, I always end up with some piece of clothing that makes me look shit. So I pack it all up without finishing the hem. Total waste of time and money.

MelbourneGirl said...

we drew the bear nose on. and eyes and little cute mouth that makes him look quizzical. he looks so cute and princess slept with him last night, along with oscar, her teddy-partner from birth. i've signed the bear, by drawing a little red heart just where his heart would be, and giving her my happy wishes for camp, which is next monday. i checked with her before i wrote "i love you" and she okayed it.

we were very happy with the result. i'm very good with a sharpie pen...

Magical_M said...

i have this theory that people who can cook exceptionally well are exceptionally bad at sewing.

and vice versa.

my mum - great cook. crap at sewing.

my sister-in-law - professional seamstress. crap at cooking.

me - i wouldn't say i'm an exceptional cook, but i've never had anyone complain and they always come back for seconds.

sewing, however...

let's just say i lasted two weeks in the sewing component of home ec, sewed through the top of my index finger and was discreetly moved to study hall.

Don Quixote said...

I think the picture thing comes down to how fast your internet service is. I seem to be able to load twelve or so pictures without much fuss.

MelbourneGirl said...

hey don. we have broadband though, so i don't get it. also in the past i've done posts with loads of pics. check my archives, esp this one:

please don't think i'm being forward i just want to prove that i've done it faster before. and THAT was on dial up. maybe it's the images i'm downloading? maybe some are "better" than others? is this possible? people?

and hi, how are you all? isn't it warm?

obtuse-a said...

use a heavier thread, and not so long.
for outfits, not necessarily bears - baste. and press seams open.
and sew slowly.
when i rush to finish, i always have to spend twice as much time unpicking and resewing.

Don Quixote said...

They are tiny little pictures, so I'd expect those to go through just fine. Maybe you're posting bigger pictures now?

Gianluca Di Milano said...

I'm also shit in the sewing but I'm love the knits

MelbourneGirl said...

obtuse, thanks for tips. i think having too long thread is a problem. also too thin, it all twirls around and then won't go through smoothly then i get pissed off and of course that makes it all worse.

don quixote - how do you know how big they are? do you mean physical size on the screen or kilobyte-wise?



gianluca, i did notice you visited clokey's site. i was a little, shall we say, put out. i thought i was your special aussie mates?

Gianluca Di Milano said...

Not be a jealousy, melba girl, you are the speciality always. I'm love the clokeeeeeey because he is look similar the batman but you are the very beautiful. Is possible now, after long times I'm not contact you, you are split out from the boyfriend and are want make the sex with me?

BEVIS said...

You go for it, Gianluca! Ya can't blame a guy for trying, right?

Peter said...

Hey MG...

When I was a kid I tried to sew my scout badges on to the sleeve. Before you know it - and tell me if you saw this coming - I'd sewed one side of the sleeve to the other!

Quixote's tip on photo size would relate more directly to file size, As you probably know there is a correlation between size on screen and file size, but if it is anything to do with that causing the problems it'll be the amount of data going down the pipe.


MelbourneGirl said...

i've done things like sew something onto a skirt i was wearing by accident, sew two sides together of one garment.

princess sewed a pinafore dress for her younger cousin when she was about 4 that kicked anything i've ever done.

i'm just happy to know i'm not alone.