Saturday, August 12, 2006

Napoleon Dynamite Dance Scene

we just watched this movie again tonight. this scene is beautiful. happy to see it's on youtube. my new best friend.

background to the scene. napoleon's friend pedro is running for school president. it seems he has no chance, for he and his buddy napoleon are dork losers. each candidate gives a speech and then presents a "skit". you can see the competition; the blonde girl in blue outfit, who gave a very uninspired speech, then followed with her girl gang doing a cheer-leadery dance with mime moves.

pedro ends his speech with "if you vote for me your wildest dreams will come true."

and napoleon helps him out with this dance he's been working on in his bedroom.


fluffy said...

A girl I used to work with claimed that she and her friend learned the whole dance but seeing it again I don't think it could be done. Napoleon has some very slick moves.

Enny said...

I love that movie and I'd LOVE to learn that dance (time and skills permitting).

BEVIS said...

Hello, remember me? Welcome back, etc.

I haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite, but everyone tells me I have to, and that I'd LOVE it.

I guess I'll have to, then.

PS - I only just noticed that the little cat/chicken thing in Fluffy's avatar blinks every few seconds. Is that a new development? Or have I somehow been oblivious to this for two-plus years? (Maybe I'm simply having a stroke.)

Anonymous said...


MelbourneGirl said...

if you watch the movie, it's very important to watch the extra scene after the credits.

something pretty spesh

and hey bevis, welcome back. fluffy's pic's eyes have been blinking, for oh, over two weeks now.

BEVIS said...

Ah, okay. So only during my absence, then. I feel vindicated.

Thank you. Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

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