Saturday, August 05, 2006

only four to go

thanks to everyone who has contributed to the poll on whether people wear their underwear to bed. i am busily working through all the data while john watches the footy. i still need, however, FOUR more participants. then i will have my even 50, an ample sample.

the next post to follow will not be a comment on the dog that ravaged teddy bears, nor on the fucked-upness of lebanon and israel. it won't be a piece on the racist-tool quotient of mel gibson, nor will it contain any narrative on how much i want to EAT A FUCKING BANANA!

it will be all about the poll. who wears what and why. i will try to draw some conclusions, and answer any questions that people have had about the origins of the study. plus something interesting, and perhaps not so coincidental, that happened during the week, relating to the study.

so four more people. to please say whether you ordinarily wear underpants to bed. and in what manner. or not.


Enny said...

I can give you another opinion in that The Hun (my partner) wears undies to bed ALL THE TIME - he's a morning showerer (unless he plays sports - then he showers at night in ADDITION to the next morning) and he changes them after the morning showers.

la nadine said...

for the poll:

no, no i don't normally wear my underwear to bed.

my mother always said you need to let "yourself" breathe.

its one of the things i chose to listen to.

Pomgirl said...

Sometimes yes, sometimes no; The Boy, however, always wears undercrackers to bed.

P.S. I really want to eat bananas too!

Anonymous said...

For the poll: all our house (two adults, two kids) always wear undies to bed.

purple_parsnip said...


purple_parsnip said...

Just read the background to this.
I wear no clothes whatsoever to bed. But I invest in high thread count, pure cotton sheets. And highly recommend the experience.
Not Catholic.

Pomgirl said...

And we are both atheists. (Forgot that bit).

Jen said...

I know you have met your quote, but I feel a bit left out not answering now..

Always undies,no pj pants, always tshirt or jumper.

I feel so abnormal hearing hardly anyone wears undies to bed, but I don't feel I can shake the habit.

Tammiodo said...

MG how is your piano going?

Melba said...

piano is going well. princess is doing her lessons and practising almost every day. she is "coming along".

i, however, haven't proceeded beyond teaching myself silent night. my next one is auld lang syne, but for some reason, now my thesis is finished, i'm not using the piano as an escape in the same way.

she's beautiful, though. lola.

magical_m said...

you had to mention bananas didn't you.

i've got banana withdrawal.

i look at the four dollars in my hand, then look at the banana, then march off to the sugar aisle and buy a tub of betty crocker's ready-to-spread chocolate frosting for less than what one banana would cost.

it's just not right.

BEVIS said...

But yet it's oh-so-good!

Anonymous said...

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Sherrie said...

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