Tuesday, September 12, 2006

and she cooks a cake

it's ten years ago today since i squeezed out my precious one.

i'm feeling all martha stewart, with baking and whatnot for a family dinner tonight.

but i bet martha never had to gaffa tape her oven closed, did she?

other domestic news:


that is all.

have a loverly, sunny day.


Fluffy said...

Happy birthday to the Princess, and congratulations on making it through 10 years MG xxx

magical_m said...

Happy Birthday Princess! Welcome to the wonderful world of double digits.


Dxxxx said...

Happy day of birth to the lovely Princess, and happy Blue Castello to you lovely MG. You guys are a great team and something for us all to aspire to.
Hope you have a fun day. And tell us about the crazy hair party?


elaine said...

Happy birthday, Princess!

And now we have the newly invented tween-ing and teen-ing and then she'll be flying out into the world...

VERY well brought up!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Princess from one of Mum's regular readers! Hope you enjoyed the cake.

We have one on the way so I really enjoy your takes on parenthood, but I'm not going to sign the post because we haven't told anyone except our parents yet.

It'll be public news in a couple of weeks and I imagine that it's going to be a pain in the arse having to ring every single person I know so they don't feel 'left out' of the news. Then again, when I'm a Dad, I believe I earn the right to stop caring about what anyone outside my family thinks.

Gianluca Di Milano said...

you squeezed out a precios one? i'm also do this some time, especial in the lift or crowd train. Is a very funy, no? But i'm not think a beutiful as you is make the fart.

BEVIS said...

Anonymous, you earned that right when you turned ten years old.

And speaking of which ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRINCESS! I hope you had a fantastic day on Tuesday. I trust Mum spoilt you rotten (if not, tell her she should).

And as for Gianluca, trust you to breeze in here and draw such conclusions! I love your work!!

BEVIS said...

My meme's up as well, now.

See if you can spot the few instances where I kept your answers as my own.

(And no, that's not a set-up for me keeping ALL your answers as my own! I only kept yours as mine when our thoughts honestly matched.)


Rowena said...

But what if Elvis Costello is in your fridge?

Happy birthday to Princess. Excellent work M(ummy) G.

magical_m said...

Oooooh - imagine opening your fridge and finding Elvis Costello in there!

I think I would devour him.

After he'd sat down at the piano and sung me his entire playlist of course.

Steph said...

What if it were PETER Costello?
Happy birthday to your Princess.
Enjoy her pre-teen years while you can ;)

Melba said...

thanks everyone, we had a great day on tuesday. the weather was beautiful, princess had a good day at school where the teacher called her "birthday girl" all day. then at night we had the fam over, and i cooked p's selected dishes, which were spaghetti carbonara and also marinated chicken wings.

she'd also wanted a big bowl of pipis but i didn't have time to get them, so i have them now for a big seafood dinner tonight.

i've found the best seafood shop in hampton... it's just the best.

the crazy hair party went well. all the girls turned up with their hair done in colours and plaits and with pipecleaners plaited in them to make them all pippi longstocking. we had a pinata which was a fish and it was the strongest bastard to ever be shipped out of mecchicho, i tell you. the girls had to severely beat the thing so it would spew forth the goodies from its mouth. all quite bizarro, but that's where they came from. it swang on the rope from the tree, just some demented (yet colourful) beast, disgorging novelties and lollies with every swing. we have it on video, so look out on youtube!

there was a scavenger hunt which they all enjoyed as well. then the chocolate game. basically you sit in a circle, roll a dice, when a six comes you put on sunglasses and scarf and pick up knife and fork and then eat as much chocolate as you can until the next 6 is thrown. this is a very good game.

the last game was the memory game, with 10 or so items on a tray covered with a tea towel. you let them look at it for 30 seconds, then cover and they have to write everything they can remember down.

food was party pies and cocktail franks, chips and cheezels and a big fruit platter. then cake from the best bakery - klancy's bakehouse on waverley road, east malvern. they do the best cream sponge. i can have chocolate in my pantry, and not touch it, i can even leave ice cream in the freezer and resist, but if this cream sponge is in my fridge, it talks to me, nay shouts, gets inside my skull and it has to be eaten to shut it up.

so, that was the party, thanks for asking dxxxx.

anon, i've been trying to work out who you are. will you 'fess up once you can announce? congrats in advance, that's very exciting news.

and gianluca, you are indeed correct, i don't fart, and never have done in front of john. even when my tummy rumbles i'm compelled to say it's my tummy, not a fart. bevis, remember we had this conversation a year ago or so. remember?

if elvis costello was in my fridge i don't know what i'd do. i wouldn't eat him. i'd ship him up to m_m. i'm not sure what man i'd be happy to find in my fridge.

sublime-ation said...

I know I'm late but I've been in the Alice. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PRINCESS!!!

Well done you mum MG.

BEVIS said...

I remember. I still say you're going to die one day by internal combustion.

If it's gotta come out, LET IT OUT!!

Melba said...

oh and steph, your peter costello comment wasn't there when i wrote mine. hmmm, peter costello. i would prefer tim, of course.

bevis. i'm not saying i DON'T fart. just not in front of other people.

because i'm a lay-dee.

Riss said...

Happy 10th Birthday, Princess!

Apologies for tardiness but I've just come back from an overseas trip and haven't had much time to catch up on reading.

The party sounds like a lot of fun (yay for the chocolate game) but where was the fairy bread? :) It looks like there was clear weather for the party as well - I'm amazed at what our garden has done in the past three weeks (and not just the weeds!).

Hope there are lots of great photos and memories of the day. Congratulations.

I'm not Craig said...

Oh no, this is so terribly late, but a big Happy Birthday to your wonderful daughter Princess. May the year ahead be packed with good stuff for you and your whole family.

Melba said...

thanks everyone for birthday wishes. i showed princess yesterday and she was very pleased with her notoriety.

and when we read my comment re the crazy hair partay i had to apologise to her for calling her pinata a bastard.

but she's 10 now, so i don't feel so bad. she was ok about it.

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