Friday, September 22, 2006

learn some street sign with filthywhore

something for you to work on over the weekend while i'm busy.

test will be monday morning at 10am.


Steph said...

Haaaaaaa! What the hell did we ever do before youtube?

Magical_M said...

does she live in a crack den?

it sure looks like a crack den.

not that i've ever been in one.

but its what i imagine a crack den would look like.

oh and i love that she wouldn't point at herself for "she".

because that would indicate she's a filthy whore. which she so isn't.

i will admit to practising the signs along with her though.

and I think i will attempt to use at least one of them at work tomorrow.

MelbourneGirl said...

i love that the sign for whore is that delicate, graceful brushing of the cheek.

speaking of youtube, we initiated two more people into trapped in the closet. then i found it stuck in my head AGAIN for a good, full 24 hours.

sublime-ation said...

I love it. Now I've got a 'visual on it' all.

Sorry I've been watching We Can be Heroes again.