Thursday, September 07, 2006

the three things meme

sublime tagged me for this meme. so here it is.

1. Three things that scare me

- someone I love dying.

- spiders.

- the majority of the voting public of australia. hopefully, this is no longer a current concern.

2. Three people that make me laugh

- my brother.

- g.o.b. on arrested development.

- princess.

3. Three things I hate the most

- people who drive aggressively.

- people who abuse children, either mentally or physically.

- people who are intolerant of difference, ie racists.

4. Three things I don't understand

- maths beyond year 11 vegie-type.

- why the liberals got voted in again. this is not flippant. I really don’t get it.

- people who don't love reading.

5. Three things I'm doing right now*

- wearing new shoes which are blue, velvet, round-toed ballet flats. I am so pleased with myself.

- waiting for john to come home.

- feeling pretty damn good in my tight, mid-calf jeans.

6. Three things I want to do before I die

- finish writing a novel. just one of the fuckers. is that too much to ask?

- walk the bridle paths of england and scotland.

- become a grandmother.

7. Three things I can do

- ride a horse.

- make a fantastic vodka martini.

- tie a cherry stalk into a knot with my tongue.

only joking. i can't.

- what i can do is listen really well to your problems, and make you feel better.

8. Three ways to describe my personality

- introverted

- intense

- complicated

9. Three things I can't do


- keep my mouth shut when I really should. i'm learning though.

- make pastry.

10. Three things I think you should listen to

- my ideas. all of them.

- oum khoulthoum, egyptian singer.

- all of evita, both albums. the version with julie covington.

11. Three things you should never listen to

- anyone who puts you down and tries to completely dismantle your self-esteem.

- howard and costello bagging muslims. and yes, that is what they are doing. you see, the more they can make you fearful and scared, the more they can control you. read 1984. go on.

-bad talk-back radio. just turn it off. same goes for shows like today tonight. they are messing with your mind.

12. Three things I'd like to learn

- how to play the piano.

- how to become more self-disciplined.

- more about australian indigenous culture.

13. Three favourite foods

- pasta

- ice cream

- seafood

14. Three beverages I drink regularly

- water

- wine

- coffee

15. Three shows I watched as a kid

- i dream of jeannie. i wanted to be jeannie.

- get smart.

- the partridge family.

16. Three people I'm tagging



i’m not craig

* these were all true when I wrote this the other day. but they are not true now.

so an update of this question:

three things I am doing now.

- procrastinating about doing work.

- wondering how much it's going to rain on saturday and how that will affect princess and her birthday party.

- trying to remember I have the dog-washer coming to make gigi a beautiful, fresh-smelling pooch at 2.30 today.


sublime-ation said...

nicely done.

Happy Birthday to Princess.

Chai said...

Cool... we both have g.o.b. down.

BEVIS said...

Tagged? Oooh goody. That actually gives me something to post about next week. Ta!

I liked your answers, but only skimmed them for now. I'll return to read them properly on the morrow.

Rushing off for a (relatively) early night's sleep for my job interview tomorrow morning.

BEVIS said...

PS - I have GOB's chicken dance down pat! I do it around the house to amuse Wifey.


I'm not Craig said...

Wow, I’ve never been tagged before. Such an honour, I won’t let you down, etc

My blog is currently experiencing technical difficulties (because the baby now sleeps in the same room as the computer so it’s hard to find time to publish anything or even check for comments) but I'll post my answers "soonish."

MelbourneGirl said...

GOB fans unite.

ok you have GOB's version down pat, bevis, but what about lindsay's cha-chi cha-chi version?

i hasten to add, ko-ki-ko-ki has become part of our family's vernacular. i sometimes do it at john, quietly if it's in front of the kids, but if they are, say in the back seat of the car, princess will pipe up with cha-chi-cha-chi.

we find it hilARious.

gotta love that GOB.

and i'm not craig, no pressure man. just wait until your "technical difficulties" are deeply asleep.

groverjones said...


Ever since your French feast many months ago I've been meaning to make my first 'Beef Burgundy' as we call it here in the bush. Just thought I should report that Huey's recipe from 'Never Trust a Skinny Chef' is a beauty as well, although I haven't got the Orange Bible on hand to compare. In typical Huey style, it states that the 'dollop' of butter added at the end is not necessary but 'gives the sauce a nice sheen'...of floating fat? Mmmmm, floating fat. We served it with a rocket salad to which we added possibly one of my greatest finds of recent times; Eleni Yoghurt Cheese.

Anyway, the point at which the coincidences collide is that i went back to your French post and found that you mentioned Larousse Gastronomique. It's a book I keep thinking I should get, however whilst looking through my hospital library for a book on Paediatric Orthopaedics today I found that we have a copy in the 'Nutrition' section. I don't quite understand why a hospital needs this book, but I will be using it. Lots!

Happy cooking!

BEVIS said...

I've read it now, and I love it. I look forward to doing my own version next week.

By the by, it was only last week (while watching season two of Arrested Development on DVD that I received from my out-laws for my birthday in August) that Wifey and I reached the episode where Lindsay first does her own impression of GOB's chicken dance.

So you're lucky you (just barely) didn't spoil that for me!!

You're also lucky that I don't hold grudges.

Except when it comes to Santa Claus.

(Yes, that's right, you dirty old bastard! I still remember getting a 'My Little Pony' for Christmas when I was eight! "It was probably meant for your sister" my arse, Mum! You stay out of it! This is between me and that over-fed poof in the red suit!!)

I'm not Craig said...

It be done. Answers can be found at my blog.

It's not nearly as good as yours.

I see Bevis plans to take up the challenge, but no comment from Clokeeeey as yet. Will he be joining in the fun? I suspect that would make for a great read.

Clokeeeey! said...

Hi, I intend to get to this eventually. May not make that great a read i'm not craig, we'll see.

BEVIS said...


It is done.

Gianluca Di Milano said...

What is tagged? Why you are not tag me. I am a very jealousy and want cry.