Wednesday, February 27, 2008

and the oscar goes to...


worst nose - owen wilson. you know it's true and he nose it's true too.
best gown - tilda swinton. i mean look at it. it's as beautiful and mysterious and silky dark as loch ness.
best speech - diablo cody. at the end, just going "gah" and having to run off. i notice that she seemed to ditch the spesh shoes that were organised for her, and gone for flats. good on her, you go girl, don't sell your soul to the hollywood man, etc.
funniest presenter - anne hathaway. she was better than steve carrell.
most delicious female - marion cotillard. nice frock too.
people who you know you would have a fantastic time in bed with - jonah hill and seth rogan. together even. it would just be too funny you wouldn't even get to the sex which would be just fine because you'd be laughing too much and that would be better really than even being there with pitt and clooney, say.
worst gown - jennifer hudson.
worst boobage - jennifer hudson.
best richard wilkins brush-off - nicole kidman.
most nervous - katherine heigl. come on, the first rule of being nervous in front of a crowd is NEVER ADMIT IT. i would have been more relaxed than her.
best lover of everyone, and smiler and emoter - laura linney. was she the only one they could get the camera on who was smiling for most of the event?
people i would have wanted to hang out with afterwards - daniel day-lewis, tilda swinton, marion cotillard and javier bardem. come on, admit it, you know it would be great.


sublime-ation said...

Allez Marion!

Magical_M said...

Oh I think there would be a tie for Best Speech between Diablo and the sweet Marketa from Once. I love that Jon Stewart led her back on after the break to give her a chance to say thank you. And I love that she said "fair play to ya" in a funny Czech-Irish accent!

mizanthrop said...

I didn't watch the show, but Tilda Swinton: love her. Always will, purely on the basis of Orlando. Swoony, swoon, swoon.

Pomgirl said...

Diablo Cody looked so ashamed of bursting into tears that she couldn't get off the stage quick enough. I really felt for her.

BEVIS said...

Even I'd have a fantastic time in bed with Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan!!

BTW, I've posted something new on my blog, if you're interested ...

BEVIS said...

You're more than welcome to ask me anything about Lost that you wish, but please first advise me of what point you're up to - just so I don't accidentally spoil anything for you.

I could talk about Lost even longer than I could talk about Neighbours or Buffy!

Or - if you can believe this - The Muppet Show!!

Steph said...

Owen Wilson's nose looks like a penis.

MelbourneGirl said...

mai oui sub. absolument!

m_m - i did notice and admire the way the host man brought that girl with TERRIBLE HAIR back onstage so she could give her speech. it was kind of unprecedented i think. her dress was nice but the hair. it was like she didn't do anything with it.

miz - i think now i am going to go through tilda's movies. all of them.

pg - i think diablo was just completely and utterly overwhelmed. i've been reading her blog on myspace and the other one, she just seems really normal. so far.

bevis - i'll come to yours for the lost thing, see you in the tv blog.

steph - you know, i think i'd even knock that back as a penis. it's even a fucking deformed penis!

poor owen. i don't mind him as an actor.

Magical_M said...

Oh yes. Terrible hair. Poor thing. I guess when you've done a film on a budget of nothing, received bugger all of the profits and are suddenly thrown into the Hollywood spotlight its easy to be overawed and forget that the most important thing in Hollywood is good stylists. Fashion, make up AND hair.

Poor pet. She probably spends most of her time bumming around in cheap jeans and crocs.