Monday, February 11, 2008

restoring white havaianas

i'm being a lazy blogger but also trying to kick-start my other blogs - big tips and food musings.

i've posted the following on big tips but thought i'd get more suggestions here.

maybe not.

ok, so i know it was a mistake to buy white havvies. i know that now. but the fact is that the black ones i bought at the same time i bought the white ones, are long dead. and the brown ones i bought after the black ones died, broke yesterday. yes we were walking up fitzroy street from checking out the festival of st. kilda when the bit that goes between the toe snapped just outside that coolsie bar on the corner of fitz and canterbury rds. no, not the prince, and not the terminus and not the chemist [that's not a bar you fool] but the other one. while gigi was trying to get in the door past the rather slim bouncers, i kind of twisted my foot and snappo. so my brown thongs are now in the bin outside that bar.

so i had to walk barefoot home.

do you realise how dangerous this is in st kilda?

do you realised that within a 200 metre radius of the pig and whistle/elephant and wheelbarrow place there are a billion shards of broken glass?

anyway we got home without me slashing my feet.

and then i went and got my grotty, dirty, grubby, blackened "white" thongs out of the cupboard.

they are horrible.

but until i get my next pair [i'm going brown again. it's my fave colour] i would like to try and clean these ones.

yes, i've tried an old toothbrush with some sort of ajaxy powder.

any tips?


jo_black said...

try a soak in bleach and water followed by a good scrub with a tough brush (not a toothbrush)and some detergent. Of course, this may be a little harsh, given you were using a toothbrush in the first place.

Hmmm, I've been overseas for too long, I didn't know what Havvies were and had to google it. Got it now though! Thongs! And I thought they must have been some kind of exotic footwear.

I'm not Craig said...

I live here and I didn't know what havvies were.

My suggestion, soak them in a solution of equal parts cornflour, colgate total teeth whitening gel and essence of murlap.

Then buy the brown ones. You'll be much happier.

MelbourneGirl said...


why didn't i think of that inc. you are too funny. please immediately stop being a lawyer and write a book about stain removal.

see, that's why i put this up there, so people like you two would give me the good info.