Sunday, June 01, 2008

can someone please explain

why can't this man have nuclear capability?
when all these people do:

APJ Abdul Kalam - India

George W Bush - United States

Hu Jintao - China

Jacques Chirac - France

Pervez Musharraf - Pakistan

Tony Blair - United Kingdom

Vladimir Putin - Russia (don't you just love him, he's so, I don't know - moody)

It's not confirmed that Israel does, but let's think that they do. Most probably.

So why can't Kim Jong-Il have some big guns?

It's the sunglasses, isn't it?

And also the fact that he's a freako and a film nut. Not that there's anything wrong with the film nut part.

And appeared in Team America too.

That must be it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to say it's a trick question and the reason Kim Jong Il can't have nukes is 'cause he's dead.

Personally, I'd prefer nobody had 'em.

Oh, and Putin? Naaah.