Wednesday, February 14, 2007

for this is why i love you

1. you buy me lingerie even though you know i'm at the tail end of my period, and you may not get any tonight.

2. you don't make a fuss about arriving home after work, to see me and my ex-husband drinking italian spumante.

3. you don't make an unfunny joke about being out-italianned by the turk. you graciously left that up to me.

4. you put up with my moods.

5. you put up with my criticism.

6. you still think i have a great arse, even more than three years later.

7. you do still think i have a great arse, don't you?

8. you don't flinch when i tell you that we can't have the pancetta at the wedding cause of our jewish guests. you don't even say but what about all the italians? there'll be 40+ italians and only a handful of jews? - which i would find it hard to argue with. luckily, we found a compromise. i am all about being inclusive.

9. you also don't flinch when i respond thank you when you tell me you love me. (it's my little ryan from the oc joke, geddit?)

10. you don't make a fuss when you see my ex-husband's washing on the line. he's going tomorrow.

at least i didn't iron his shirts

11. you don't hassle me for the strip-tease i promised you oh, about two valentine's ago. i know it's in writing - thank you for being patient.

12. but most of all, you just love me. no matter what.

thank you for that.


Rowena said...

It's a beautiful thing.

Clokeeeey! said...

For everything... wink, wink.

BEVIS said...

I think SOMEBODY got some after ALL! ... wink wink, say no more.

No, really - SAY NO MORE!

This post was very "awwwww", ... with just a dash of "eww" thrown in (for good measure). It's lovely to read of happy goings-on in the MG/John household.

And he's got it in writing? Hot damn! How'd you manage THAT, boyo?!

Chai said...


Audrey said...

Lucky girl.

Steph said...

Sounds like he's a keeper. Best you put the handcuffs on now.

I'm not Craig said...

This post made me very happy.

OC jokes are a vital part of any long term successful relationship.

MelbourneGirl said...

handcuffs are going on, metaphorically, may 26 steph.

and i know i have a modern relationship when it's oc jokes, and not seinfeld ones anymore.