Tuesday, June 17, 2008

foodish thoughts for today

1. i am so tired of seeing gordon ramsay's ugly mug everywhere i look.

2. take note racv club: i hereby declare a war on any dish with a menu description including the word "foam". it's not cool, it's so over, it's so common, it's not distinctive, it sounds REVOLTING, it does not tempt me, it puts me off. face it, when el bulli did it, it was "fresh, innovative and different." though i wouldn't have ordered a dish with foam then. now everyone else, including the racv club, is jumping on the old foam bandwagon, it just reeks of desperation and pathetic derivation.

[starts lobby group called "fuck foam, let's get back to real food"]

3. unless you order a la carte at di stasio, the staff will rush you along in quite a rude manner. won't go there again on principle.

4. at mirka's you can go and sit at the bar and have a coffee and one of their divine bombe glacees.

5. baked beans on rice with some cheese on top (and for moi, sea salt and cracked pepper) is a perfectly acceptable sunday night meal.

6. making traditional italian sausages is a somewhat erotically charged activity and weird when you "do it" with your in-laws.

7. 40+ kilos of pig meat MAKES A LOT OF SALAMIS.

8. aldi fruit is shit.

9. eating "potato jewels" from aldi, then south melbourne market dim sims, then 1/2 doz coffin bay oysters from south aus, is possibly the strangest meal i've had on a friday night for a while.

10. vegemite toast is just not the same without butter.

and isn't the weather glorious? love, love, love how the city looks, and the sky behind it, as we drive around the lake to msac on a monday night.

must. take. camera. next. week.


Another Outspoken Female said...

For a foam-free meal with absolutely no pig products have you thought about coming to the lentil as anything foodbloggers meet next month (check out foodnazi for details).

Actually while you are at it, want to knock up a solstice cake too?

PS: am sure Gordon is as sweet as a lamb at home but I am so sick of un-real reality TV.

I'm not Craig said...

I have never heard of foam. I am against it on principle as of right now.

BEVIS said...

I definitely agree about Number 10. Butter is always required.

My much-anticipated (cough-cough) return to blogging is not far off, now. Promise.

Will you visit and say hello?

You don't have to do so until I actually get going again. Only seems fair.

Down with Ramsay!!

(Except for Ramsay Street, of course.)

jo_blue said...

Foam sounds totally disgusting. I too have never heard of it, but just the thought...no thanks. And when you see Gordon's ugly mug next time, think to yourself, this will pass.

groverjones said...

Want to know my foodish thought for the week?

I went to an organic veggie farm on the weekend. The farmer grows organic veggies and herbs and produces dried herbs and organic teas as well as his veggies. He cannot develop a local market because the local supermarkets and greengrocers won't buy his product - they won't even talk to him unless he can guarantee year-round supply, which is not possible with seasonal veggies from a small farm. Instead, out local grover sends a truck 250km to Melbourne several times a week, to buy local produce that has been sent to the Melbourne markets in another truck. Also, our local grover is trying to have our (monthly) Farmer's Market shut down because it detracts from his business!


grocerjones! said...

...and that's local 'grocer,' not 'grover.'

I am in fact our local Grover and I'd be happy to buy his veggies!

sublime-ation said...

1. Ha! Brilliant, go against the flow, MG.
Also, what's his scar from? Just askin'.

2. When I was in Scotland we had dinner at this very swanky B&B and it was so 80s, they made us eat foam and palate cleansing jelly and it was disgusting.
Facebook group, indeed.

3. Why do they rush us so?

4. I don't go to Mirka's on principle. I think it's/she's a bit of a wank. I'd go if it was called Georges.

5. Yum, I ate baked beans last weekend for the first time in ages. I do it my mums way, and cook little cubes of cheese in with them. Cheese melts and...mmmm.

6, 7: never done it.

8. What's aldi fruit?

9. You weirdo foodie.

10. How could you even suggest such a horrible concept?

The weather was glorious, how shit is it now? It's midday and it look like 6 am.

Melba said...

hey all,

aof, i will defo come if i can. will check details. i want to meet more bloggers, my life is pretty small at the moment.

bevis of course i will, i always spin by yours, you silly frog, hopping to see something newt.

inc, you are lucky you haven't heard of foam. i must say, it's not new - certain restaurants in melb have been jumping on it, especially those featuring 16 course degustation menus.

jo - yes, the buddhist mantra is something that i trot out often. it works, kind of.

grocer_jones - that's funny. i know what you mean about all that stupidity going on with food being trucked all over the place. sometimes i want to be in a commune. so what if people call them cults?

sub - i know your feelings on mirka, and now that you say you think she's a bit of a wank, i'm wondering how we could have become friends after i chose a pic of her to represent you all those years ago.


but looking at it again, i went with the loren shot, so that must have saved me.

i reckon gordon's scar is either from a moped stack, a bar fight in edinburrrrrgh or another chef with a german knife. or perhaps a soccer bust up. see, my knowledge of the man is quite vast. it's not him especially i hate, i'm sick of the over exposure. it's like when jamie went jamie.com

aldi = a cheap supermarket, hence aldi food is cheap hence aldi fruit is shit.

re di stasio - they rush non a la carters because they are deemed cheapskates. i have been there a la carte a couple of times, oh the leisure, the relaxation, the lingering. been there for the lunch special - oh the hurrying, oh the attitude. i took my sister there for her birthday and had to ask THREE TIMES whether we could have some time to digest.

that's it for them.

but mirka's... oh, the bombe glacee. i haven't obsessed over a food item like this since the old spaghetti marinara days of the early 80s. soon to make an appearance i believe in my diaries.

Dxxxx said...

What is foam in terms of food? It sounds disgusting. Baked beans rock and i suggest that cereal is also a perfectly acceptable meal. wtf were you doing with pig meat and making sausages??? Ew and yuk. even if i wasn't a vego..... I wish i could go to the lentil as anything foodbloggers meet.... it's a lonely place for vego's here in Mt Isa. They sure do love their meat here lol.
I need to start planning a trip south. What event can I try and co-incide it with to make the most of my time....
Keep ranting lovely lady

Perseus said...

On Sundays I treat myself to toasted vegemite and cheese toast (as well as butter, of course).

Vegemite toast is our national dish. To have it without butter is unostrayan.

Magical_M said...

I hear you on the vegemite and butter protest... last week I went to a cafe in Coogee and ordered turkish toast with vegemite and they didn't put butter on! How could they?? I was going to "chuck a Gordon" but we were already back in the car and running late for a school show by the time we realised, so I didn't.

But you know what? I think I'd like to name and shame them here. Because they deserve it.

If I may...

Cozzi Cafe in Coogee - you are hereby named and shamed for not putting butter on my vegemite toast. You also neglected to put butter on my friend's peanut butter toast. Also, your coffee was appalling. And you charged $18 for two takeaway coffees and two lots of turkish toast which was simply outrageous.

Thanks for letting me name and shame mg.


Melba said...

did you hear that, cozzi of coogee?

fuck you.

they should always give options. if they are putting the spreads on themselves, like fucking cheapskates, they should ask you whether you want butter.