Wednesday, June 25, 2008

thoughts for wednesday

i've been carrying around an old envelope with points 2 - 4 below noted on it. must blog about them so i can throw the envelope away. i'm hoping none of the kids has inspected it too closely. you'll see what i mean.

anyway, first:

1. this is vlado taneski, a journalist in macedonia who reported on a series of rape-murders of old women, and then was arrested because in his articles he revealed details that the police had not made public.

he has been found dead in his jail cell. this is what the police spokesman had to say:

"he committed suicide. he put his head in a pail full of water. it is unclear how none of his cellmates or guards noticed."

you see what he did there?

2. cate blanchette's ukrainian accent in the latest indiana jones movie was flawless apart from her pronunciation of "jones" "know" and all other similarly rhyming words. it was too anglo, too flat, too nasal. it should have been more russian, pronouncing "jones" more as "johns" and "know" to rhyme with "cot" instead of "coat". it was distracting, and disturbing to me that i can do a better russian accent than cate blanchette.

3. i've always wondered what the lyrics to frankie goes to hollywood's relax means:

relax, don't do it, when you want to go to it,

relax, don't do it, when you want to come.

is it just me? there seems to be some sort of contradiction there. i checked on the internet, and there is talk of it referring to not using a condom when you want to come, to not coming to prolong the pleasure in a tantric way.

gah, i still don't get it.

4. er, somewhat related. i had no idea that there were so many different names for sexual stuff. i had no idea that the act of fisting was so varied and established. and that it's referred to in lots of songs, paintings through the ages, and it's like it's been around for ages, and it's not just a recent thing. i really didn't think that i was naive, but there is still stuff out there that shocks me. i mean the maine lobster? my god.

5. can i leave it there? no, let's have something nice to sweeten up the atmosphere.

these are my favourite flowers:

there's one i can't think of the name, nor find a picture. it's a bulb i think. it smells sweet and fills the room. it's white. it's common. it's cheap. can anyone remind me what it's called? the blooms are all bunched together at the top of the stem. it's scent is my favourite.

oh, to have a garden filled with these flowers. to have a peppercorn tree, lying under its shade. a rug. a book. a crisp apple. a warm, lilting breeze.

join me?
UPDATE: the flower i was thinking of was erlicheer. thanks kittiminx.


Mex said...

do you mean Hyacinths?

kittiminx said...

You might be thinking of Jonquils, or Erlicheer, which are usually white. Very sweet scent and just fabulous flowers imho. Love your blog, just happened upon today!

Melba said...

not hyacinths, mex. but kittiminx, you're right. erlicheer. just googled it and that's them.

let me update my pictures.

thank you.

gigglewick said...

When I was 16 I was on the debating team (I told you I was a nerd) and brought from home a huge bunch of daphne for my debating coach as a thank you gift.

I believed than, and still believe now, that daphne is one of the most beautifully scented flowers on the planet.

My debating coach gushed over them and thanked me profusely. But when she got back in the car to travel back to our school (after I had left) spent ten minutes bitching about the "stench" and eventually made her husband stop so they could throw them away.

I know this because the second speaker from my team was in the car at the time.

This has always made me sad/angry.

Melba said...

how sad gigglewick. reminds me of a story i heard about a little greek girl taking in some greek food for her teacher, it must have been a special festivus time of year. then she saw it later in one of the bins, unopened.

i would have loved a gift of a big bunch of daphne. yes, it's a strong scent, but that's why you then split it up into lots of little water glasses around the house and the perfume is then in every room as you pass through.

your debating teacher sounds like a whinging bitch and we can all feel sorry for her and her husband. that would have been upsetting to you as a 16 year old, doing a nice thing for your teacher. i want to smash her.

gigglewick said...

Yeah, me too.

So much for pacifism.

Anonymous said...

I always thought the line was

Relax, don't do it, when you want to go through it...

...which would be way unfortunate if the 'it' really is a condom, huh.