Monday, June 23, 2008


it's so beautiful: the music, the lion, the dudes.
thanks to audrey, i cried helplessly about 4 times today, which is a lot more than usual.
if you are not crying right now, you have a stone for a heart. and i hate you.*
* not really. i don't hate you. i feel sorry for you, you stone-hearted shell of a human.

[2012 note - seems like the video has gone. it was the one with the lion Christian and the two dudes who raised him from a cub they bought in Harrods? in swinging London]


PiesFan90 said...

sorry. I didn't cry.

stone heart.

BEVIS said...

I'm scared to watch it, given the INTENSE amount of pressure you've put on me that I either cry (which makes me half a man), or you will hate me for being a stone-hearted shell of a human.

Which is better?

I think I'll come back another day when I'm not so emotional about selling my fold-out couch on eBay, and watch the video then.

Melba said...

it's ok, bevis. clokes above is a stone-hearted shell of a human and i'm married to him. i don't mind.

incidentally i don't think my sister cried either.

maybe it's just me?

Mex said...

i thought the lion was going to eat them at one stage!

Melba said...

that's just part of the build-up, mex.

Melba said...

ok, moving on. it seems it's just me and princess who sob uncontrollably when we see this video. i showed it to her to cheer her up yesterday, because she was crying about some bear-abuse in japan she read about online.

it didn't cheer her up, it made her cry more, but i think they were good tears and not really sad ones.

I'm not Craig said...

I didn't quite cry, but I did feel myself starting to tear up a little.

I would have connected with it more if I didn;t hate that Aerosmith song so much.

Loved the lion and dudes.

Melba said...

god it was the song that got me going, inc. not sure why, the lyrics i guess. it's just what i was thinking the lion was thinking, and the dudes as well.

thanks for confessing to a tear-up.

jo_blue said...

I wasn't expecting tears, but yes, they were there. thanks.