Saturday, August 09, 2008

i know, i know

for someone who has said they have little interest in the olympics, two posts in as many days on that very topic.
unless something dramatic happens (something more than a rower lying down or another drug cheast bust) i PROMISE this will be it for me on the olympics.
i confess to watching about 20 mins of the mind-numbingly boring opening ceremony last night. immediately i noticed the military-feel of all the syncopated people, doing their big-group collectivist thing. surely we weren't being subjected to propoganda?
maybe it's my individualistic social conditioning, but after a very little while, the spectacle of it was diluted by the feeling that i was watching an army being put through its paces.
reading the paper this morning, it seems i was not the only one to have this feeling. there are reports of people being injured during rehearsals, practising for 48 hours and falling asleep in the grandstand.
yeah, human rights are so fixed now in china, all it took was the olympic games.
also, i saw a kind of bent sieg-heil from the children in costumes (were they regional wear? no tibet national costume i'm sure) while they were singing the national anthem, and having goose-stepping soldiers bring in the chinese flag. is that kosher? aren't the olympics meant to be a political-free zone? it all made me feel uncomfortable, and as if i were watching propoganda.
all this and more consume me this fine melbourne morning.
other thoughts for the day:
1. i am extremely happy with our new bordello-red velvet couch from going, going, gone. half price, just a few little fabric glue flaws. it's sitting very lushly in our lounge room now and i'm looking forward to watching the rest of west wing as a lie there like some hooker, eating my low-fat ice cream.
2. alannah hill's son was wearing a geelong jumper today. it made me think ever so much more of her. also the fact she had all sorts of crap spilling out of her black mercedes into the gutter. also her hair wasn't frou-froud, with nary a flower or feather in sight. she even smiled at me when i said "go cats".
3. where do i get the recipe for healthy'ish sausage rolls? all my cook books save one fancy-pants one are in storage. i guess i'll have to trawl the internet but i am finding net recipes can be SHIT and WRONG and DON'T WORK (witness creme brulees failure).
4. i should have gotten a coffee from d. chirico this morning. i broke the plunger last night, will have to buy another.
5. i'm happy to see a profile on chris lilley in the weekend magazine. just recently we were talking about how we'd not read much about him at all. my mum saw him recently at st. kilda library. she recognised him, and he saw that she saw. so we'll be looking out for a character like mum in his next series. will keep you posted.
6. we now have a plan involving a funky deco cbd pad.
7. i do love a good plan.
8. geelong slaughtered melbourne last night. i didn't watch any of the game. i suppose this makes me a bad geelong supporter, in addition to a bad australian
9. i really, really do hate gladiator sandals. they look especially bad on mary-kate olsen, now she's chunked up a bit.
10. even though we pay removalist men to move our heavy stuff, why do we feel so bad for them when it's a really bulky, difficult item? it's partly because they often make a big deal about access, and the object, and how tough a job it is. they are angling for a tip/more money. i say, it's your business, you're the professional. i don't care how hard it is, just do it. that's what you're being paid for.
11. love the couch.


Magical_M said...

didn't watch even a second of the opening ceremony so can't comment... however i wouldn't put propoganda past them.

i did however watch a replay of the cats game at 8am this morning on channel 7. EIGHT AM!! Is this what we can expect from channel 7 during the olympics? AFL at breakfast time?

also, my mum has an ace recipe for sausage rolls - i shall obtain it from her and email it to you. she's been making them since we were little tackers and i have yet to taste better.


Another Outspoken Female said...

Last night I found myself across town being fed a home cooked Korean meal in the company of an Chinese ex opera singer, a teacher of Chinese at a posh school and aforementioned wife who is Korean. Oh and the biggest newest plasma TV. I'd hope to make a getaway before 10 pm but was told I just had to stay to see some of it. What made it interesting was the commentary from the Asian informed corners of the room. It turns out that the ceremony covered many of the interesting dynasties and we got a potted history lesson with each one. There were tired little excited children watching too. So I guess the lesson wasn't just for our benefit. But it did transform it into an interesting experience, with large chunks of alternate history discussed between belches of fireworks.

But hopefully that is as much of the games that I will be subjected to.

squib said...

I was a bit astonished when the soldiers snatched the flag off the children and did that whole military march

I'm so glad you noticed the children doing the sieg-heil cos I thought I was imagining things (like maybe it's just a funny kind of salute?)

Mex said...

i missed the entire thing because i was at work. which was deathly quiet. 3 customers all night as apparently everyone was off watching the bloody olympics! another restaurant up the road had actually moved a gigantic TV into the restaurant so that people could eat and watch at the same time! so gross.

I'm not Craig said...

Skipped the Opening ceremony due to having an exam the next morning. Skipped the rest so far because I'm not caring.

I would watch the basketball if I had time/knew when it was on.

On to other matters:
1. Our couch is blue suede. I will never get tired of telling people not to step on it

3. I don't know about sausage rolls, but once I finally track down those french recipes I'll send you the lemon brulee one. If the people I work with can cook it successfully, you will have no problems whatsoever.

4. Did you break the actual plunger or the glass bit that the plunger sits in? If it's the actual plunger, I have a couple of spares due to a regretable history of breaking the glass bits.

Between us, we can make coffee.

10. I helped a dude move a couple of weeks ago, even though he had also hired some removal guys. What I want to know is, why do I feel some insane need to prove that I can carry heavy stuff just as well as the removalists do. We all no that I have no hope of actually achieving this. And yet I try. What's up with that?

Hope you're having a good week.

Melba said...

it's funny, but i've been subbing as a PE teacher - HA - i hear you say. and so i've ironically been faking olympic enthusiasm at two schools in a row now.

but i'm far more interested in discussing the bent sieg-heils of chinese children.

inc, good blue suede joke. that's the only reason you bought it, isn't it? also, alas re coffee plunger. of course it was the glass i broke. we have been through about 6 in 3 years... the first one or two were nice expensivo ones, the last ones have been el cheapo $10 supermarket ones.

re removalists, it's something about being male i believe, that you have to prove your manly strength. it's not just keith hernandez that people will help move - nobody wants to move anything but when it comes to it, men want to be strong.

squib said...

Apparently that seig-heil thing was the communist salute

I don't know if that is supposed to be reassuring