Friday, August 08, 2008

let's get this straight

just because i am not creaming my jeans over the olympics, it doesn't mean i'm less of a good australian than any athletics-archery-swimming-groupie out there.
and by the way, i'm not a flag-hater because i think people who wear the australian flag are tossers. i'm actually quite indifferent to the australian flag.
i've never been that interested in watching sport, apart from tennis during the navratilova/mc enroe golden years, and football every since gary senior started kicking bagsful for the cats. i've always preferred to play sport than watch.
what is this nationalistic argument about some people being better australians, or more australian, than others, based on topics like sport. sport is good, i'm not against it, but why do i feel judged, somehow less belonging, when i say i'm not that interested in the olympics?
why do some people think that if you criticise this country, you automatically hate this country.
i hate gladiator sandals, but it doesn't mean i despise gladiators. they're alright in my book.


gigglewick said...

(tick if you agree)


I'm indifferent to the flag too. And the Olympics.

Some one said to me the other day that China was a BAD BAD NATION because it should have spent all the money it used on the Olympics on relieving its citizens of their desperate poverty.


But...shouldn't we have done that too?

Just sayin'...

Mex said...

So true! i couldnt give a fig about most sports and the only bits of this olympics i'll watch will be the highlights on the daily news.

what self respecting gladiator would have worn sandals like that anyway?

Magical_M said...

tick tick tick for me too.

couldn't give a rats about whether half the competitors are drug cheats or how 114 restaurants in beijing have signed an agreement not to serve dog during the olympics.

over it already and its only just started.

but that's not what i'm here for.

i stopped by to see if you were squealing over your boys superb win tonight. 116 points was a bit cruel and possibly unnecessary but it was fun to watch!


Another Outspoken Female said...

We aren't missing telly one little bit. It is tucked away in the shed and now ABC has catch up with lots of shows archived I think its going to be a long time (at least post olympics) til the set gets dusted off again.

Welcome to my Olympics free zone :)