Saturday, August 30, 2008

any excuse

to look at this picture again.
today, we learn that:
1. it's not a wig. it's a hair system.
2. this hair system has been traced to a specific hair restoration service in melbourne.
3. this hair system languished in a box along with 20 to 30 other old-style hair systems of various shapes, hairs, colours and sizes.
4. this hair system was the lucky piece that was pulled out for tony. just think what else we could have been treated to had it been another hair system.
5. this hair system is well-travelled. bonnie doon? ocean-going yacht? athens.
6. though well-travelled and much publicised after tony's arrest, this hair system has been described by a hair expert as "so old and disgusting that nobody would purchase [it]"
7. purana detectives have many statements from hair restoration and wig experts who have identified the hair system.
8. the serial number had been removed from the hair system, obviously in an effort to stymie identification. there was no other explanation for this, the serial number is not easily removed, it doesn't fall or wash off.
9. the hair system used by tony was usually fixed onto the client's head with tape or glue. glue.
10. finally an explanation for the bad styling of the hair system. in addition to it having been put on hastily and sideways? or perhaps moved out of place by athens police as they did that caring hand-on-head, make-sure-you-don't-hit-your-head-on-the-police-car-roof thing. or perhaps shifted as he was beaten up in the cells. but in addition to that sideways movement, we learn the hair system was long and unstyled. after being glued/stuck onto the client's head it would be cut and styled.
while i was truly interested to read about this, excuse me now while i resume living my life.
have a good weekend.
ps i have bought on rage and i am reading it.
pps talk about giving pedants a bad name. all those twits writing into the age this week about mis-used apostrophes, dangling modifiers (oh, chortle, chortle), oh, let me spell grammer wrong, and be really funny and witty and the like. it's embarrassing.

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jo_blue said...

it's good to see an explanation for such a bad "hair system". One wonders though about the choice that was made when he decided that this was the look he wanted to go with when he decided to skip bail. Nothing says "I've got something to hide" like a bad disguise.

And I listened to a Germaine interview on RRR and really got where she was coming from on the rage issue. I'll make a point to read her book.