Wednesday, August 13, 2008

just because you've got a jaunty hat -

- don't think it makes you a better barista.

a strong latte should not taste like a normal latte.

and a normal-strength latte should not taste like HOT FUCKING MILK.

and if you are going to charge $3.40 a regular size, it has to be a good coffee.

inkr7, such a disappointment.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience at the same place with friends one morning recently.
Thankfully(at noon) I ordered a coffee at a new place in town called trunk in exhibition st and wow!
Hey presto.
Gorgeous full flavoured , smooth textured taste.

Melba said...

there is nothing more disappointing anon than getting a bad coffee in this town. some places you expect it; others should be punished for letting you down.

i never order large coffees now because they can't get the strength right. but there's no excuse for a bad regular size coffee.

as you say though luckily there are plenty of good places.

Perseus said...

I live in a country town and believe me, the coffee is often BAD. The other day I ordered a strong latte (I'm usually a long macchiato drinker but the place I was in didn't know what they were)along with some food, and anyway, my food came some time later and they had forgotten the latte. When the lady noticed she felt bad, and so to compensate for the sloppy service she gave it to me in a MUG. She said, "Here you go love, I gave you a big mug fill," which meant, of course, that it was weakened, and there was more of it! It was worse than what I ordered, and I had to drink more of it.

"Thank you," I said, because you don't complain about anything in country towns otherwise they chase you out with pitchforks.

I often dream of Marios, Brunswick Street. I wake up happy.

Melba said...

there's no other word for it. disappointing. and a real let down. and it can colour the whole next hour or two.

but also being ripped off along with it. a coffee really shouldn't cost more than $3 max. at $3 it should be good coffee. but $3.40 for shit?