Monday, October 13, 2008

there is a god

i have to take back all my atheistic ramblings, my offensive, sacrilegious and impious views, all my scathing attacks on organised religion.
for, you see, it turns out there is a god.
and this is the evidence of his goodliness.
(i always need some sort of hard proof to believe in anything.)
apols. to my believing christianic/judaic/islamic monotheistic friends.
my non-believing christianic/judaic/islamic/atheist bookish friends - good isn't it?


I'm not Craig said...

This particular Christianic friend is in no way offended and not sure why you are apologising.

Did you think we would be upset that you used a small 'g' in 'god'?

Melba said...

oh, yay a comment from my favourite christianic friend.

no, it was because i was taking the piss, at a certain deity's expense.

maybe i AM scared of hell.

no, it's just that i'm aware of other people's sensibilities so apologised in advance for my having a go.