Thursday, October 02, 2008

well, talk about bad

in the comments section in the post below, perseus makes some good comments re geelong.

the wheels fell off, and now everything feels like it's back to normal.

you see, THIS is the normal state of existence for a geelong supporter. failure, crushing disappointment and depression. the 2007 premiership was an aberration, it's clear now to me. THAT was abnormal, THIS is normal. cats supporters wouldn't have known themselves the last twelve months. people would have been making all sorts of bad business/financial/romantic decisions. with the centre of their world so skewed, it would have been hard to keep upright.

but, now it's all ok. only now can a geelong supporter move on and start to make rallying comments that often include the phrase "next year". [my dad would hate to think i was kind of rubbishing them here. but i'm not. not really. dad's tried to find this blog - i wouldn't give him the url, mainly because i've called him a cunt on here a couple of times.]

i do feel sorry for gary ablett. what an awful week for him. watching him after the game, i think in that moment he realised what his old man went through all those times. when he'd come off the ground, and young gary and nathan were there, maybe saying things like "why couldn't you just win, dad?", and gary senior saying "you just wouldn't understand, son."

well, now i think he understands.

not taking anything away from hawthorn. they played well, they saw an opportunity and took it. good on them.

there was an ugly letter in the paper yesterday about the sunday appearance at kardinia park of some of the players, who wouldn't engage with the crowd, who looked hangdog and embarrassed to be there. half of me wants to say, well so they should/would. the other half agrees with the writter of the letter who made the point they are professional sportsmen, and need to give something to the fans even if they might not be feeling up to it. i agree with that.

but apart from that, all is well in my world.

manicure is good. pedicure is fantastic. yes, ms batville was right - as smooth as a baby's bum.

we are back home from the beach, the weather is gorgeous. i'm up to date with washing, i worked alot on my story while away (no internet will do that, you know. no internet = increased productivity.)

kids go back to school monday, i wonder if i'll be as busy this term?

also, for those interested i have almost finished the people of the book. commenters who said was awful are absolutely correct. i am finding it fucking atrocious. the writing is bad, particularly the contemporary voice. awful. i haven't yet identified the kebab sex, can someone please let me know if it's earlier in the book? maybe it's yet to come, as the story comes to a climax? there has been a lot of bad sex, and i can't believe the lesbian sex in the harem. so poorly done. so cliched. just awful.

having said all that, i am not struggling through it, i'm reading it and i will finish it.

on a brighter note, i read a david sedaris while away, short stories (articles) and chuckled and grinned my way through it. fabulous. will be buying another of his to offset the next brooks book. if there is another. i am determined to read one more to make a decision about her.

stay tuned - more bad '80s diary, it's been a while.


Mex said...

ooooo more 80's diary!! ive been hanging out for this!

pepsi said...

More diary, glad to hear.

She just doesnt get contemporary voice at all does she.

Wait till you get to the Mills and Boon ending, its a 'hurl book across the room in disgust' ending.

Makes you wonder how one can be so good and another can be so bad, I havent read "March" though, I dont know but there's something a bit not right about taking someone elses story and expanding on it (except for the Star Wars universe of course).

Melba said...

so i finished the book. oh my god. the ending was mills and boon. it was so so bad. like you say, pepsi, hard to believe the one person wrote both. i'm not that interested in march either; yes, about the idea of taking someone else's idea and writing more about it, also not that interested in the american civil war, was it?

so now i've started another sedaris, just to take the bad taste out of my mouth. i couldn't sleep until 3 last night - i'd finished the bad book and was so agitated about it, i just couldn't settle.