Tuesday, October 21, 2008

xavier scandale

this from the school which has educated both mobster and high-level police spawn in their hallowed and scholarly halls.

"Our year level has always had a bit of a lust for wanton destruction with the types of guys who think car jumping is a fun pastime," one student wrote to the Herald-Sun.

The boy, who described himself as the King of Xavier, also accused the Jesuit school of being more interested in its appearance than caring for difficult students.

i had an idea for a story, of star-crossed lovers (fifi condello and max nixon) who fall in love, across the great divide of the classroom and their family backgrounds.

pure fiction, of course. but it would be great. don't steal my idea.


Little Miss Scatterbrain said...

And i thought MY school was bad- and we're public!!

We read this in homegroup and laughed.

Anonymous said...

This is Frickin hilarious.
Condello and Nixon.
Together at last.
The thin blue line and all that?
Could happen...

Melba said...

mind you, dave, i can't remember if it was condello or gatto kids. and it wasn't nixon's kid, but it was a high-ranking cop - either deputy commis or someone else.

the moran children went to penleigh in essendon.

funny and ironic.

my daughter's talking about a rumour about mokbel's (step)daughter being at her school this year. and she's worried about getting egged. i told her it wouldn't kill her. better an egg than a bullet.

ladyb said...
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Anonymous said...

I coached Mark and Jason at Flemington juniors footy club in the 90's !
Mark was a good guy. Well to me he was anyway.
He had charisma and cared.
Jason...uh Oh. Nuff said.

Also the moran and willams kids go to penleigh/essendon grammar.
Love to see them pair up too?

While I am gossiping- Does any kind folks know where the Bolt kids go to school?
Just joking.

Melba said...

dave, are you associated with a certain blog which contains the word for "not above ground" and the word for "this fair city in which we live"

sorry to be obtuse, but the lower part of my tummy gets a bit funny with all that's around.

do you have a blog?

ps found out today it was the condello boy(s)who went to xavier but gone now. this group that's mucked up this week have been bad eggs all along, and the school will be better off when they all go. this i heard from a parent of a year 11 boy there.

can't help on bolt children.

Anonymous said...

Nah. I have no blog.
I am a computer hack. Not hacker.
I run a drop in center for kids, youth and families in the west. Fairdinks.
I do enjoy this site amongst others like AnonLefty, LP,
Audrey, blair,flaming red pill etc
My fave has to be your old diarys and anything by martin flanagan.
Enough about me.
Can you also tell me which site you refer to?

Melba said...

my god dave, you like my old diaries, well there's plenty more to come.

the site i'm talking about is called melbourne underworld (obscure reference #1), lots of gangster related stuff on there. ages ago i put a pic on here of gatto in his dressing gown piffing eggs at reporters, and a person from the blog left a comment. i went and read their stuff a fair bit but never commented back, bit scary the way they talk over there. but if you like underbelly stuff (obscure reference #2).

Mex said...

wow i cant wait to hear all the gangster gossip when i move to melbourne!