Wednesday, April 22, 2009

and so it is with a heavy heart

i head out to southland to pick up princess' pre-ordered, special-edition DVD of twilight plus bonus signed poster.

i don't think i'll see any of you out there.

otherwise we could have had a pretzel and a chat.

oh well.


Melba said...

it's ok, i'm back all went well, no queues thank god. taking the gigi for a walk in the sun, then i might manage 20 mins work before other duties crowd in.

oh the life of a mother who has creative urges. where is the time?

bought a new opi nailpolish today, it's purple and it's beautiful.

squib said...

I just bought Twilight today, too. No poster but it was only $25 from Target

Melba said...

Was it the special edition?

Was it for you? I know you have kids but methinks they are younger than mine?

At Big-W (pre-ordered) it was $28.37 and they didn't have the poster yet.

jo_blue said...

Would love a pretzel and a chat with you.


squib said...

I dunno if it's a special editon, it's downstairs. My oldest girl (aka BigSquib) is almost 15

Is Pattinson the hottest man on the planet or what

Anonymous said...

I heard there was some Plagiarism Situation that was holding up post-production on the sequel... Apparently Meyer's old college flatmate is taking action against her (Meyer) for infringement of concept, based on a short story she (flatmate) wrote Back Then that was, basically, the Twilight series.

That should be interesting.

Melba said...

squib - almost 15. wow for some reason I thought they were younger. my eldest girl is 13. she's not into twilight, it's the younger one, 12. she's mental about it.

pattinson - he's ok. embarrassingly i think i prefer zac ephron, if we are talking inappropriate crushes.

gullybogan - i just asked princess about that rumour. she's said "i went on the website, stepehenie meyer said that person doesn't exist, she's not being sued and she's never had a room-mate. i'm already onto it."

so there you go. i just read out your comment, thinking i was going to tell her something she didn't already know.

so there you go.

of course it might just be PROPAGANDA.

squib said...

I don't think it's that inappropriate, Melba. I mean, he's only 13 years younger than me


Melba said...

You're hot property then yourself, squib.