Saturday, April 18, 2009

judging books

well i just saw this in the herald sun and immediately looked it up.
watch it for a feel-good moment.
can't embed, youtube won't allow.
isn't she great? but you know what, having watched idol in the past, just wondering about the format of this show. don't the judges hear them audition? would they not have had any idea of her voice? surely they did. watching it i had the feeling of being manipulated, all in the service of good television.
it's good though.


Another Outspoken Female said...

I thought that was the audition - in Glasgow?

On behalf of all 40-something, cat owning spinsters I salute Susan Boyle!

I'm not Craig said...

This made me cry.

Twice, so far.

jo_blue said...

The Brits love doing this. It happened last year too, with Paul Potts who worked at Carphone Warehouse and sung Nessum Dorma like Andrea Bocelli. And the runner up that year was Connie Talbot, 7 years old who sung like an angel.

It's good tv, but now I've seen it happen again, you've got to wonder about how they find these people or whether they really 'just turn up'.

It don't mean to be cynical and spoil the feel good factor, but it does make you think.

Here's the link for Paul Potts.

Melba said...

Yeah I wonder how much she is being set up. I mean if she wants fame, looks like she's on her way. But they'll want to do her over and it will all be too much for her and I bet there'll be an interview down the track where she says she wants her old life back.

Maybe not though.

squib said...

*sniff* I love Les Mis