Friday, September 04, 2009

My Friday

Today I have to:

- drive son to school. It was the concert last night, he is going to school late

- get Father's Day present for hubby at Southland. I fucking hate Southland. I hate any and all shopping centres, but if I have to go (ie to appear normal to girlfriends) my choice is Chaddy, darlings.

- this picture represents what disturbs me most about fashion people. Can you see any skerrick of embarrassment in this picture? Any trace of self-awareness of how shallow and parasitic this industry is? I see no cynicism in this picture, and there should be. Lots of it. I am having trouble reading one of my favourite blogs because of pictures like this, and particularly because of the two dudes on the right. The blogger is light-on whitebread, and can't punctuate to save her life, but she is pretty and wears fab clothes and she posts pics of herself. I like to watch.

These people should look like Grace Boddington from Vogue magazine. In my opinion she was the star of September Issue, the biopic about Anna Wintour, editor at Vogue.



Grace is a tough old bird who is a stylist, so she arranges the pictures and the models and the clothes and the props. She's been doing it for decades, used to be a model herself. She's still in the biz because she loves it. Those boys above, why are they in the biz? To look like that at parties?

Movies I want to see:
Inglourious Basterds

Movies I've seen:
September Issue - good bit of fluff but actually I think it put Princess off wanting to be the editor-in Chief at American Vogue. A good thing?
Coco Avant Chanel - ok
Beautiful Kate - disappointing.

I have much to do today. Get ready for tomorrow's writing thang, including a pitch. For fuck's sake. I never want to pitch anything to anybody. I've stalled and gotten back on track about five times in the last month. I have too many ideas and go around in circles. I'm sad I'm almost finished the final Maria Hyland novel, which is her first one. I've read them backwards, why I don't know. But I love her. And where am I going to get the goodness now?

Happy weekend. Be good, be nice, don't king-hit anyone, don't kick the cat, don't belittle a child. But swear all you like, and eat some cake. Or some fish and chips from the shop in Glenhuntly Road. It's near the intersection with Orrong, up from the supermarket going east.
Best. Chips. Ever.


Melba said...

I've just gone and checked out the purple-panted dude's blog, and it's good. So I eat my words regarding him. He is fun and he also loves Grace Coddington and called her the star of "September Issue", so he must be intelligent.

BookMoth said...

Saw 'The September Issue' at the Como last week with all the fashionistas and HOLY CRAP, GRACE CODDINGTON! A revelation! I think she is totally gorgeous. What bones. Great wrinkles. And those homy ped style sandles. If G.C. started a religion I would totally convert.

p.s. I live about ten minutes from those chips, Melba. It's dangerous.

BookMoth said...

Hmm. I meant sandals. I hate it when those silly spelling mistakes are out on the interwebs for everyone to see!

Melba said...

Was she there BookMoth? I thought you were just marvelling over the woman but now, re-reading your comment it sounds like she was at the screening. I must have that wrong?

BookMoth said...

Oh, I wish! Nope. No G.C.

Just me, LOTS of 18-year-old model/fashion editor wannabes and a handful of gay men.

eat my shorts said...

I didn't eat cake this weekend, but I did eat slow-roasted lamb shanks with chunky bread and shared a bottle of wine I bought with a dear old friend six or seven years ago from Moorilla. It was a pinot and it was divine.