Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bliss turns to disappointment

Is the universe telling me something?
So I was really excited to take delivery of a package from overseas this morning.

Is it not the most beautiful watch you've ever seen? I don't wear a watch, haven't done for many years and haven't mostly for my whole life.
But when I saw this in one of those glossy magazines at the hairdresser, I thought oh watch, you will be mine.
Came home. Jumped on the Internette. Ordered. Rubbed my hands together.
That was only a week ago. Today it arrived. Special wrapping. A big box, a ribbon. Two ribbons actuelement. Inside, tissue paper so beautifully folded. Inside that scrunched tissue paper, to make a nest and in the middle of that nest, the watch box. In that, the yellow beauty on a little pillow. All so divine.
I gasped. I noticed a tag on it saying 'Cannot be returned if this tag has been removed.' Thought to myself check it before removing tag.
Checked the watch and one of the plastic links in the band is busted. Cracked on one side, and with a chip out of it on the other.
At least their return policy is solid and they even include a pre-paid DHL docket for you to send it back.
SO with a heavy heart, the watch goes back to London-Town. And they send me another.
It had better be fucking perfect.
Look at it again. Look how beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen a watch quite that yellow. Must be handy being able to keep track of time in four places at once, though.

Melba said...

I've never seen a watch that's yellow either Alex, which is why I love.

Do you mean those other little circles on the face? Do they tell time? I swear, I didn't even look closely at them, all I could see was yellow.

Do you wear a watch?

Anonymous said...

A watch and a pocket-knife are about the first two things I can remember my parents giving me as a wee'un, so I've worn one most of my life. Of course, now I need one with a large face and bold numbers.

Boring fact: Everyone in my family wears their watch on the right but I had to change to the left when I started using a graphics tablet, ten years ago. I still sometimes glance at my right wrist when I want to know the time.

I assume those extra faces are for keeping track of the time in countries that you might want to telephone.

Melba said...

I got a watch when I was seven engraved on the back and all. Wore it for a few years probably. You don't still wear the same one do you?

The other dials on yellow watch - the markings aren't really proper ones, they look more like minute counters. Maybe they are stop watch functions?

Anonymous said...

You're right about those dials. Seconds, minutes, hours perhaps?

You don't still wear the same one do you?

No. They gave me a very cheap watch because they assumed I'd eventually break it. It eventually broke by itself.

The knife, on the other hand, was a famous Mercator K55K that had "To Alex - Love from Mum & Dad" Beautifully engraved on it. I carry a leatherman now, but that old knife has stayed one of my most treasured possessions.

You got anything similar?

Melba said...

Hm, nothing I carry or keep close by. I would have liked a pocket knife, my brother got a Swiss Army and I loved it.

All those little different bits.

I've got my old teddy, my daughter has him in her room. So that's nice.

yublocka said...

I have a similar watch from Fossil that I am equally enamoured with.

Not a fan of the plastic for the wristband though. In the last 18 months I have had not one, not 2, but 3 of them break on me. Fossil have been nice enough to replace them for free, but still!! I expect a watchband to last for more than 6 months!!!

Melba said...

I'm prepared to give it a go, Yublocka. I am expecting reasonable quality, I think I was just unlucky but it's not a good look to ship something that's damaged.

Did they think I wouldn't notice or wouldn't be bothered to return?


phoenixmummy said...

Oooh, gorgeous Melba, what a shame it was broken. I love watches and if I wasn't so practical, I'd own 10. My favourite was an orange dive Swatch watch i had many years back which I'd still be wearing if it hadn't fallen out of my pocket and landed under ny car wheel only to be squashed on my way to work. Sigh. Now I'm wearing a stainless steel watch with a clean white face, silver roman numerals and a scratch proof glass.

Oh but I love yours. It's inspiring me to get something more colourful.

Melba said...

It is lovely Jo but you have to get something different. I want to be the only person in the village with this watch.

I think they have it in orange.

Melba said...

Ooooh they've just called me, reserved a replacement and hopefully in another 14 days or so I'll have my watch.

squib said...

very Van Gogh, Melbs

I felt the same thrill the other day when my cats in outer space blouse, solar system socks, and diplodocus necklace arrived from Modcloth. Even the brown box it arrived in was stylish. All the buttons were coming off the blouse and I had to sew them all on but even that didn't dampen my consumeristic glow

Melba said...

Indeed squib I'm into yellow big time at the moment. Difficult colour to wear.

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