Friday, February 11, 2011

Off to the mountains

We are leaving now for the mountains to go to a wedding tomorrow.

Funny thing is, I am on wifely strike. Have been since Monday and I don't think he knows what's going on, other than I am a bit moody.

I haven't cooked anything since then, I haven't washed his clothes, I have been doing things like he does (leaving things out on the bench, water cups around the place, my shoes here and there.) I've been doing things for the kids but not for him. (Apart from the cooking. I had to explain to Princess that it's not permament, just until he realises something and makes one teeny, tiny change. Then I'll go back to normal.)

My mum is coming to look after the brood and I have cooked some cauliflower soup to leave and there's bolognaise sauce in the fridge from Monday night. That bolognaise sauce was the catalyst for the strike, I might explain later but for now, let me away to a four-hour silent and tense car journey.

Methinks I'll try and read but then I'll feel sick.

Back Sunday night. Have a good weekend all.


squib said...

Oh, I know that feeling so well

suze2000 said...

My husband leaves stuff all over the house and I find it the MOST infuriating thing! WHY?! WHY can they not just put it away? Or at least out of the way until they put it where it belongs? Drives me mental.

Enjoy your frosty drive. Though I am curious about the cause of the fight.

Anonymous said...

Does the "I'm mad about something, but not saying what it is" tactic really get results? Lifelong single people want to know.

I'm not Craig said...

Damn, I'm going to be over your side of town tomorrow (for a wedding) and I was thinking of dropping off the book I've been trying to give you for two or more years.

Not going to work, clearly.

So, some other time?

Another Outspoken Female said...

I always end up giving in. This summer a glass half full of water sat in the front room. I pointed to it, the crumb flecked plate from a few nights ago and said, "could you throw those in the the dishwasher when you are done in here?".

A month later the glass still sat on the mantlepiece. I caved in.

We were running out of glasses.

Good luck!

Melba said...

Alex no it doesn't get results, hasn't so far. We shall see this time.

But what it DOES get is a sense of relief when you break the snoots and can be nice again. Weird but it kind of mixes things up.

squib, suze and AOF good to hear it's not just me. I KNOW it's not just me.

INC that woulda been great, love the pop in. Do you have any weekends coming up for a bbq or lunch? You guys could come here. Email me with dates... I can't do next weekend but following Sun is good 26 Feb or the weekend of 12/13 March...

Let me know.

Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Funny thing is, I am on wifely strike.

What union are you in, Melbs?

Melba said...

The AMAB Ramon.

Lewd Bob said...

Back to work yet?

Melba said...

Yeah Bob, back on the fucking chain gang. He did give me flowers and chocolates on Monday but we shall see if he remembers to SAY THANK YOU WHEN I COOK FOR HIM AND HIS CHILDREN.

Anonymous said...

i would lose a lot of weight if i left things lying around - although i am not a fast learner, i have been well trained