Thursday, February 03, 2011

Wah wah wee wah

So, my mum sold her apartment and might buy in the CBD. Funkarama.

She also has a gentleman caller, she met at the Third Age. They study Shakespeare and do choir together and now they go to the pictures and hold hands and swim at the beach. It's a beautiful thing and a great reminder to live in the now, live every day, grab life with both hands and give it a big hearty kiss on the lips.

Long-term readers will know my mum was diagnosed with cancer in 2000. She fought it and sometimes it didn't go away, and sometimes it did, only to come back again. That's the type of cancer she has/had. It's one of the 'better ones' to have if you're going to have cancer. Not nasty like breast or ovarian.

The most recent relapse was early last year, then it went away very quickly after only 1 or 2 chemo rounds. We had planned to go to Turkey and that became doubtful. However once she finished treatment the doc said ok and we went.

We went to Turkey in Sept/Oct and when mum came back it was action stations. Within a month or two she was 'dating' this lovely gentleman and seriously talking about putting her flat on the market. Bim bam, it's done. Sold yesterday.

She is moving from St Kilda to, like I said, CBD or St Kilda Road.

She is an inspiration.


jo_blue said...
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jo_blue said...

Your mum's awesome. Please pass on my regards to her. Hugs.

Another Outspoken Female said...

So glad there's good news on the mum front :)

magical_m said...

That's awesome... I wish my mum embraced life so well!