Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2103 hey?

Some people have been saying 2012 was terrible for them. Before that, people were saying 2011 was a terrible year, or 2010. Not to demean people and their individual experiences but I don't think it's the years that are what's relevant, it's just that people have bad times sometimes and sometimes it seems to all come at once. I remember some really bad years. For me, mostly, cumulatively, they were the first half of the 2000s; it all started getting much better in around 2007 I think and then creatively, really kicked in during 2009.

2012 was a great one for me, the best for a long time maybe ever. It was rich and varied, with lots of new things as well as comforting old things. I am really pumped about 2013, this brand-new freshly minted year and I wish happiness and health to my four readers. Thanks for being my blog buddies.


suze2000 said...

Happy New Year to you too.

Sorry you didn't get to fly, but sometimes things work out for the best.

Alex said...

I don't think it's the years that're relevant either; but I think that's about the best way people have of communicating those sorts of time frames in a meaningful way to each other. I mean, it's simpler to convey a precise point in time by saying "I had a really shit time in 2008" than it is to say "I had a really shit period of several months that occurred about five years ago" or "I was having a shit period about when Justin Beiber, or whatever his name is, was really popular".

I'm glad to hear you had a good year and are looking forward to the coming one. A positive attitude can do a lot of good just on its own.

Me? I'm determined to finally start some sort of web thing of my own. At some point. This year. For sure.

Melba said...

Happy New Year Suze!! Hope you have an excellent one.

And Alex, I am very excited to hear of you starting some sort of web thing. At some point. This year. For sure.

You know I'm going to nag now, don't you?

I am very pleased to hear this.

little hat said...

Blog friend No.4 That'd be me this time. Happy New 2013. Why not have another beauty - any number in a row to make up for the troublesome ones.

Another Outspoken Female said...

I had three significant deaths in 2012...that adds up to one of the baddest, shittiest, crappiest years on record for me. But on the upside I got to holiday in Europe/Russia and returned to London for the first time in over half my life. Old friendships were refreshed. While some old, and not so old, friendships sailed off in the I'll-leave-her-while-she's-grieving fog. I made the biggest decision in 25 years (and now need to find the patience to implement it like an adult this time, rather than an impetuous child, requiring a huge amount of patience and planning). Love deepened. New friendships were born. If the good and the bad of 2012 could cancel themselves out, it'd only come out marginally on the annus horribilis side. But I do wish for an easier, fun, joyous 2013. Yes please. And no more deaths in my life for now please.

Melba said...

AOF, I really hope this year is quieter and with less loss for you. While it sounds like 2012 had a lot of good stuff, I know that losing close people cancels that out. x