Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting a little jittery here

Isn't this a beautiful picture? Looks like a painting but it's not. It's a photo (probably shopped) of a landscape in Namibia I think it was. I can't find the reference which makes me a bad blogger. Aha, here it is.

So my deadline is tomorrow. That's not the problem, revisions are done, I'm just reading through 'one last time' (fuck that makes me laugh).

And then I'll email it to the agent.

And then she'll say fantastic, it's ready to send to my shortlist of publishers OR you just need to change this and this.

And then I'll say wonderful OR sure, no problem. Doing it now.

And then I'll say can I tell people?

And she'll say sure, but you know until I hear back nothing's definite.

And I'll say of course, I understand that.

And then I will become a bit insomniacal.

And then I will draw on my amazing reserves of patience and resilience and stamina to be very still about it all.

And I will keep working on the next one; wrangling with the structure, the points-of-view, the tense, the narrators and the voice.

And then, in I don't know how long, she'll email me and say well, congratulations, there are two interested.*

And then I'll wee in my pants a little.

Wish me luck.

* this is the only part where I've let myself veer off into fantasy. Why not try a little creative visualisation?


plumeofwords said...

Lol. I say go for the whole creative visualisation thing! Bestest best of luck :-)

sarah toa said...

Yay ... good luck! (And make sure you carry a spare pair of undies with you at all times.)

suze2000 said...

Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

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Alex said...

Yeah, the change of undies sounds like a good idea. Here's hoping you end up needing them.

Anonymous said...

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