Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hidden mothers

I love it when I find seriously interesting shit. This photo is from The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things, and is on a post about a Victorian phenomenon called 'hidden mothers' where parents posed with children 'hidden' by covers of fabric or sheets. Whether it was to keep the kids still, stop them crying who knows. It's suggested that in some of the pictures, the hidden mother is holding a dead child.


Anonymous said...

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Melba said...

There's so much goodness here.

Diurnal casinos?

Inhale distinction?

Seascape cavity automobile games?

Known payout comestibles audits?

Lavish generator?

Payout sculpt?

Worldwide shrewdness?

I've never read this shit before but it's magnificent, and at the same time completely unclear what's being advertised.

Anonymous said...

My best guess is that it was writen in a different language and translated to english with a computer. For a similar effect, translate something from English to another language in google translate, then translate it back to English.

The hidden mothers thing is interesting and keeping young kiddies still is what immediately came to mind. Photos were a lot more difficult and expensive to take in those days, or so I understand.

Anonymous said...

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comment maigrir said...

belle atmosphère, j'apprécie

little hat said...

Was it a way of doing the childrens only portrait. We're not supposed to notice the mother at all. Like: "I close my eyes and I become invisible to you". Those portraits required the subjects to sit still for quite a long time to allow a full exposure. I'm amazed that they turned out at all.

There a few where they do it really well. The one where the mother is obscured by the curtain is very well done. The chair with the cloth obscuring the mother is really funny in an unintended way if you know mother is hiding behind it.

Mr E said...

Few people realise that the corporate giant we now know as Adobe Systems started life as a Curtain and Drape Emporium in San Jose California circa 1845.