Thursday, January 31, 2013

I do admire obsession of this kind

Someone has made a flip-book that is synched to the Gangnam Style song. A reason to listen to it just one more time.


Anonymous said...

Hey Melbs, this is probably poor form, but I just got your emails and read through all the blog stuff I've missed and thought I'd respond to everything here in one big comment (or two, if I run over). I know you've said you don't check the email very often, so I thought this might be the best approach.

Stuff Happening Here:

I'm seriously touched by the concern (seriously) and sorry if I caused you to worry. The weather up here has indeed been a huge pain in the arse. While I'm in a high, protected place, the surrounding area has been hit with both flooding and storm damage. Shops have been shut, roads closed, and there's been complications with the water supply. Phone, internet and power have all been unreliable. I managed to put a comment on Nomes' (EMS's) blog several days (maybe a week) ago, but things have been too flaky since then to try much else.

My folks, who still haven't rebuilt after 2011 (everything that could go wrong has gone wrong in the planning and preparation phase), have been trapped here, worrying about what they'll eventually get home to. Some of the rellies have been wiped out. Even spotted a few of them in the "devastation footage" on the telly.

Topping things off, the radio has been mixing political news into their emergency coverage and I now have this terrible sinking feeling that, come mid-September, we're going to be here, weeping into our keyboards as The Mad Monk punctuates a victory speech with ironically sexist and misogynist jokes about sexism and misogyny. Fuck me dead, this hasn't been a fun week.

But enough of me being a bummer ...

Other Stuff:

• Congratulations on your news! Break out the champagne and Kermit GIFs! It really was a pleasure reading your work and I look forward to seeing more of it in the future (in either rough or published form).*

• The flick-book is fantastic. I wonder how long it took.

• I hadn't considered going to either Gatsby or Anna K. To be honest, I don't find either trailer very exciting. Then again, there aren't many exciting movie trailers any more, are there? They all look exactly the bloody same. I was considering checking out Tarantino's new flick, but with everything that's going on here, I dunno anymore.

• I'm actually kind of a little thrilled by your response to Blue Gate Crossing. I had such a strong reaction to it (and still do), but basically everyone I know either doesn't do subtitles or doesn't do "those kinds" of movies. I dunno, I guess it's just kind of cool to be able to share it with someone ... y'know what I mean?

• How do you manage to be so surrounded by tech dudes and not have any of it rub off?

*Mr E's dangley bits may not have gone the distance, but I managed to keep my knockers crossed the entire time.

Melba said...

Oh hay I have been worried about you, thanks for letting me know you're okay even though it might have been tricky getting online. Sorry to hear about your parents, how worrying for them. Talk about getting hit hard (and twice.)

I don't want to talk about Abbott, that's too depressing if what you say is at all possible, I tend to think it's not. Let's leave it there for now I want to get to testicles and boobs.

Thank you on the agent news, it is great. Yes, the kermit gif I should have put that up again. If I get a publishing contract I'll put him up.

I don't imagine Gatsby or Anna would be your cup of tea. I saw Django and thought it... I don't know what the right word is so I'll leave it blank but say this: You should see it.

I REALLY loved Blue Gate. Kept thinking about it for days afterwards and even seeing scenes, seeing their faces, having flashbacks to certain moments. It was such a beautiful, gentle treatment. If I ever taught a secondary class, ie in an ongoing way and had lessons w them all the time, I would use it in some way. God it was beautiful.

Re the tech dudes & stuff not rubbing off, I have a force field that I keep between them and me. There are things in life that I just don't want to/need to know and that shit is part of what's outside my Venn diagram, it's not even on my diagram as far as I can help it. It kills my spirit. Other things that kill my spirit are: paying bills (although ironically this is much better now that I can do it online); hate-cooking & thinking that TA might become PM.

NO he won't he won't. I think we may have to get Mr E to cross his testes again for the next 7 months.

Melba said...
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Anonymous said...

I just saw this, nearly wet my pants, and remembered reading about the Gangnam Style post you did -- do you think you can look at one thing more? Here it is (from the 'The Funniest Videos' Facebook page. I promise it's worth it.

Melba said...

Hey PoW, that was funny. Babies are funny, especially when they do stuff like that. The little sister's response is very cute too.