Friday, August 19, 2005

down the bellarine

we are away for a mini break as brigit jones would say. is it bridgit or brigit? whatever.
with a d.
we drove down out of melbourne to a little sleepy place by the water where my dad has a holiday house. it's sleepy in winter, crazy in summer. what a change to when we were kids.
the weather was filthy as we drove, my girl and i. recently i've started letting her sit in the front seat. we have far too many conversations where she asks me again and again whether the air bag would suffocate her if we had a smash. all i can say is i don't know. and that we won 't have a smash.
'do you want to play a game?' she asked [eye spy, or 20 questions]
'no sweetie' i said 'i have to concentrate [on not killing us]. the road is really bad and the traffic is mad'
p-platers overtook us, all spoiler and gutsy engines.
we made it.
we went to the pub.
i had an unsatisfying blue grenadier with chips and salad. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
now everyone is asleep.
the dad in his room, where he has his radio next to the bed, ready to turn on at 6am.
the princess in our room, with her teddy and snoozy blanket, and hottie.
the gigilove in her room [laundry] with her chewed up teddy.
off to the football tomorrow. to see geelong [beat/lose to] west coast eagles.
this is our annual kardinia park pilgrimage. for my dad.
he cries when they win. he laughs when geelong kicks goals. my dad has the loudest laugh. seriously, people will turn around in their seats, drag their eyes away from the action on the ground to see where the noise is coming from.
dad's seats are right behind the geelong goals. once gary ablett kicked a ball into dad's face while he was warming up. it broke dad's glasses and he had to go and see the nurse in sick bay and get a bandaid. we felt special and blessed. once a ball fell in my lap and splashed my beer all over the girl in front of me. last year, geelong beat brisbane, the sun shone and we danced on our seats. not really. tomorrow i pray it doesn't rain. and i hope they win for dad's sake.
carn the cats
convincing aren't i?


Clokeeeey! said...

The cats better win, I tipped 'em. After watching the Saints lose by a kick after the siren, I need my outsider tip to come thru, Go Catters.

Anonymous said...

The cats won xD
*Dances in her seat* 109-33 or something. ^^

The Cats are awesome, My sister has a football signed by the team when Gary Sr. was still on, and now shes gotta shirt with the most recent team on it, But me being stuck in brisbane and all *le sigh* I can hardly go to the football.

Magical_M said...

Bridget. You had the d, just needed the e.

I love that there's another blog girl who knows afl. Even if you are a Cats fan.

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks magical. i'm not that into afl. call me fickle, i'm more into it, when geelong do well. but was happy to see a good game for the once-a-year effort with my dad.