Tuesday, August 30, 2005

searching for pics on "minority groups" on a stock photo website

this is for a presentation i have to do. and this is what i found:

there just aren't that many guys who drive around in blue cars laughing - minority group

there aren't that many punks left in the world - minority group

not many bald men who like to hug - minority group

not many women who wear pantyhose with runners - a definite minority group


not many pregnant women want to pose naked any more - minority group

not that many men in blue shirts anymore, they are an endangered species - minority group


Cape Man said...

I think I belong to that first minority.

...mj said...

Bicycle communters not yet killed by cars: minority.

Thanks christ I'm still alive.

Clokeeeey! said...

That mystery photo is the "just like m!key photo takers minority"

sorry dude.

LadyCracker said...

Is there such thing as being Bluist - the blue features heavily...

...mj said...

I'm proud to be a minority group innovator mr clokes! No apologies neccessary!

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

I so want that Punk Hair-cut. Seriously. Unfortunately by boss has told me that if I do, I will need to have a wig to wear to work because "With hair like that people will judge you on you appearance and not on who you are and as such won't take what you say seriously."

My reply that "I actually think that hair like that is a reflection on who I am; if people are going to judge me purely on my hair, well fuck them. They are aresholes anyway and I don't give a shit about what they think of me, and if they don't listen to me, that is their loss" didn't convinve her.

MelbourneGirl said...

nice to see you back aleks.

the world is a funny old place if you can't have the hair you want. well, we know the world is so weird. didn't you go through a rebellious phase in your teens or something? i did. i wore op-shop print frocks, bovver boots and i had dreadlocks. real ones, not salon ones. i wore men's pyjama pants "taken in" with safety pins on which i also threaded little coloured beads. i wore my dad's wedding tux jacket over a t-shirt, with more pins in it. i made my own t-shirt with a leunig figure and used the word 'nihilistic' on it. i hunted down gym boots at dimmy's and wore them before anyone else was in melbourne(that was my punk phase)(and yes, I AM PATTING MYSELF ON THE BACK). i also remember many mohair cardigans and granny-size-french knickers worn as shorts. yes, i do shudder now about those knickers.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so hot.

I remember my rebellious phase clearly. There was the nose ring, ridiculous beards and strange 'found objects*' stuck to my school tie. And once I dyed my hair purple, but after two days it went a weird grayish green colour that made me look like I had a terminal illness.

Ah... good times.


Dxxxx said...

I think I'm still in a bit of rebellion. I have the nose piercing...i love boots and beads and have been known to be partial to a nice pair of mens pyjama pants.

I draw the line at those knickers though.....


BEVIS said...

When will you be posting again, MG?

MelbourneGirl said...

hey bevis, i'm not feeling very well today. i have posts ready to polish and put out there but am just sick and also busy with other stuff.

promise you something in the next couple of days. i have a meeting thursday i am madly trying to prepare for, and then the birthday of the princess on the weekend.

BEVIS said...

OK then - be well!

There's a lot of birthdays going on at the moment. (Another one on my blog today, plus a friend of mine yesterday that I didn't even bother to blog about.)

Parents seem to 'get jiggy with it' to celebrate Christmas and New Year's a lot, eh?

MelbourneGirl said...

christmas - definite jiggy season. forget the plum pie, bring on the jigging. oh no, i love plum pie.


jigging or plum pie
plum pie or jigging

do i have to choose?????

[mg is feeling a bit better now]

BEVIS said...

Sounds like it! :)

As for the jigging vs. plum pie debate, I'd say it's possible to do both.

... and at the same time, if you're a little creative and don't mind getting custard on your bedsheets.

BEVIS said...

Um, ... that sounded much more crude when I read it back on the screen than it did when it was still in my head ... sorry ...

MelbourneGirl said...

it's ok bevis. i understand.

Swifty said...

Hey, I'm surprised that 'bald men not liking to hug' is considered a minority. I get the logic, but I would have thought it out of date now. Unless of course, in Australia it's not fashionable, as it is here, for men of all ages to shave their heads. I've often thought of having it done myself but I've balked at the idea, believing myself not to have the right features to carry it off. I'm such a vain fucker (I know, I know, I've got nothing to be vain about). Anyway, it seems that bald is cool nowadays.

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