Monday, August 01, 2005

a word about MY night out on friday

on friday night i went to a ball.

i had a mad morning, which included getting a wax job, the second all-off i have ever had. it wasn't as bad as the first, which was good.

then the hairdresser for some posh hair. jeff worked it good, and i exited looking very la-di-da, jumped into a taxi and went into the city.

met my man and we checked in here

he had to go back around the corner to work for a meeting.

"i'll be fine" i said, "i'll have a bath" [to wash off the little wax blobs clinging to my most
precious bits]

"and i'll see if i can get some food" i also said [hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch. it was coming up to 3pm by this stage and any hopes of a mid-pm quickie had evaporated as it would just be me for a couple more hours]

he left and i had that delicious, excited feeling you have alone in a hotel room. especially a nice one. perhaps it's not so delish when it's a seedy motel, with worn carpet, mis-matched furniture and a bullet hole in the window [like this place]

so i went downstairs feeling very grand with my coiffed hair, but looking otherwise ordinary in my normal, non-ball clothes. the concierge told me where the closest cafe was for a sandwich and coffee, and the closest bottle shop for some champagne.

back in the room i took off my jeans, and lounged on the enormous bed, ate my roast beef sandwich, drank my coffee and turned on the television.

flicked around the tv. read the hotel compendium. got out the playstation console, tried to get it working but couldn't.

then i noticed the bottom of the tv where there was promo stuff for the "adult movies"

saw that there were free previews.

pressed the buttons, and then, the room was filled with sex noises. the volume was way up on the tv. i muted it quickly, then watched all the previews while my bath ran.

then there was a knock at the door.

before you think this is going to descend into some sort of penthouse forum story, with bellboys [hardihar] and french maids [rolf rolf rolf] this is what happened:

- in a split second, a male voice said minibar
- i was frozen on the bed, and while i sat there thinking to put my jeans on really quickly, i heard the swipe card being used
- i yelled out "don't come in!"
- then a [male] voice said "sorry, we'll come back later"

minibar? i don't open my hotel door for anything less than a maxi-bar


after i calmed down, i had my bath, awaited my honey.

* * * * *

we got dressed and went to the ball. it was on the river at new quay? it was fun. we have been going out for 18 months but on friday night i realised i could party with him too. it was like the last little bit of the puzzle falling into place. everything else is perfect, and now i know we can sing to each other really really loudly songs like love shack and the best thing about being a woman. i know now, too, that he will tolerate me running to a dance floor with a bunch of other chicks and be one of three to start a synchronised dance of nutbush. [it was like being in a film clip, it was ace]

these are essential things if you want to be my man.

then we walked back to hotel, along the river, and if you squinted it looked like paris. it was a mild night, i wore my great-grandmother's fur stole, which matched my '50s style audrey do.

the next morning i wanted to go to the house of cashmere. well, $400+ for a scarf. i went and found a $30 "pashmere" equivalent in a lovely grey in the royal arcade.

one very happy girl.


Justine said...

Re - waxing, I can recommend
Genny is a cool bird.

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks justine

ant. said...

Just when I think we've had a brilliant time together, something else comes up and surpasses it.
I'm having the best time of my life and it's because I'm sharing it with you honey.

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

Hotels. Whenever I have to travel for work I always book my hotel at the last minute because many "classy" hotels will really lower their prices to fill rooms. As such you can get a really nice room for a song.

When I check in I think "Beauty, I can make as much mess as I want and somebody else will have to clean up. This will be fun."

However as a unionist I know that the cleaners only have a very limited time to clean each room, and that if you leave the room in a real a mess it can put them behind in their schedule and get them in trouble. Thus the guilt gets to me, so I end up spending more time cleaning the room then I would my own place, thus sucking the joy out of it. I just can't win.

LadyCracker said...

oooh la la - sounds like a lot of fun to me

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

melbournegirl and ant, get a room. Oh wait, you did....