Monday, October 24, 2005

open letter to the person who broke through my bathroom window sometime this evening between 5.30 and 8.45

first you used my bottle recycle bin to step up onto once you'd jimmied open my bathroom window, and then climbed in. then you walked around my house, past photos and bills on the table, past my bed, with my pillows plumped. then you took my turquoise and silver ring that my beautiful princess gave me. you also took the vera wang perfume that my beloved gave me. as well as the chanel no. 5 and the christian dior. you took my mobile phone too. my expensive motorola. but it was old. did you realise that? and it wasn't working properly, that's why i wasn't using it.

so there.

you took princess's digital camera, a gift, my slr camera, my dvd player, a gift. also two torches. i mean, didn't you bring your own?

you took my daughter's money box, filled with coins and weighing a ton.

but this is what you DIDN'T get:

my precious brass candlesticks that my great great aunt lizzie brought over on the ship from england. my jewellery that matters. my video recorder. my laptop, cause i take it in the car when i leave.


and this is also what you didn't get:

my spirit.

you made my daughter scared, and cry. you made the other two children with us scared and cry. you have made me unable to sleep just yet. i am here alone. princess sleeps in my bed, she is still but i know in the morning she will still be upset.

the police came, they have found a good print inside the bathroom window, so the prints people are coming tomorrow morning.


i have to trawl the pawn shops. i have to get the window fixed.

i let my insurance lapse a month ago.

ok so i know you need drugs. times are tough. and really, all that stuff is just stuff. it doesn't really matter. you know what, i could probably find some sympathy, some compassion were you to sit me down and say, look, i am strung out, i need money. but you invaded my home, and you just helped yourself.

oh well. it sucks, but it's ok.

just don't come back. i'm tying the bathroom door handle to the one that leads into the kitchen with rope, so you won't be able to get in that way. i'll be on alert, like back in the breast-feeding days, when a mere whisper of breath in the next room had me up and ready to move. i'll be listening. i'll be wondering. but i won't be scared.


fluffy said...

Bastard! That's awful. When my mother was struggling to pay for her health insurance I convinced her that it was like gambling. She cancelled her insurance and subsequently needed a gall bladder operation.


Dxxxx said...

Oh honey that is terrible.
At least you and princess are ok though, at that's the main thing.
It's such a horrible horrible thing, but as you say, it's just stuff. and stuff can be replaced.
The two most precious things in your home remain intact thank goodness.

Take care


rhymes with pony said...

bloody hell, just stumbled upon your blog after reading similar entry from this sydneygirl take on things:
great entries, i laughed, i cried, i sympathised. ppl like you are why i miss melbourne. Keep on rocking and dont let the desperados get you down.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Bloody arseholes doing this to you!!

Feeling violated takes a while to get over. Hang in there.

Chocolate might be medicinal? :)

elaine said...

a word of advice re: pawn shops. If you see one of your posessions, just let the police know about it without telling the pawn shop owner.

I didn't when I was burgled and lo! The item was mysteriously gone when the police came to retrieve my things.

I'm sorry, mg, being stolen from is so unsettling.

MelbourneGirl said...

thank you everyone. i'm feeling much better after a reasonable night's sleep.

yes insurance, it shits me. good when you've got it, bad when you haven't. and it's expensive. i'd been suss about this place cause soon after we moved in, a guy came knocking on the door. told me he used to live there. when i asked his name, he said "oh i wasn't on the lease, i just used to stay here'. then he told me it was good i had the locks on the security doors working. he said they'd gotten broken into, and some weird things started happening. he was looking around, and shifty as. i was cool, didn't say anything much. and after that took my laptop with me virtually everywhere. not hauling it around but just putting it in the boot of the car. i have car insurance...

princess has so many questions, so we have been going into the whole drugs of addiction thing. and i told her i feel sorry for a person who has to steal from someone else, and that at least we aren't like that etc. she is calmer this morning.

the police came last night, "dusted for prints" (very csi). the funniest thing was they dusted a plastic unicorn when i pointed out it had been carefully moved. i had to laugh.

about the pawn shops elaine, the policewoman told me that too. so i have to wait a week and then check them out. if i can get back just one thing that would be good.

it's interesting. we can get so attached to things. i was very attached to my mobile. i carried it around in a parade of little pouches, so the chrome wouldn't scratch. but it hadn't been working properly, reception was bad. i was meaning to take it to get it repaired. it had cost me a bomb a few years ago. so there you go. it's gone, and really it doesn't matter does it? it's just a fucking phone, who cares. my bro's best friend died two weeks ago, this is nothing. his daughter is probably asking her mother every day about where daddy is, i want daddy.

this is nothing.

but i really appreciate you all commenting. i really really do.

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

You have my total and utter sympathy.

The worst part isn't the material loss, but the way it affects your view of humanity. When I was 18 I was mugged by a gang of Lebanese guys. For about a year after this everytime I saw a group of Lebanese guys together I became scared and as a result I started to dislike anybody who was (or looked) Lebanese, even people I had known for years. Thankfully this passed, though it took a while.

I hope you and your daughter, don;t go through anything similar, because it doesn't help, it only makes things worse.

LadyCracker said...

ouch, ouch, ouch. bloody hell MG that is a crap thing to happen to you. Give Princess a kiss and a cuddle from me and hopefully both your views of humanity won't be tarnished forever.

thinking of you in my self imposed exile xx LC

BEVIS said...

Yay you! Don't let them keep you up at night, MG. This post made me so mad.

NOW I understand what your situation is (I hadn't read this yet when I left my comment under yours on my blog).

I hope Princess will be alright soon and that the bad people get caught for taking your things - even if they are just 'stuff', as you oh-so-correctly pointed out. It's still wrong and they should be stopped from breaking into your home and violating it and you in that way.

You make a good point re: the loss of life comparison, but still ... it's not easy to deal with - and it's not fair that you have to deal with it.

sublime-ation said...

I'm so sorry MG. I have been robbed nearly 20 times, and the last time I CHASED the guy in my pajamas and got his licence plate number. It was a stolen plate, but I was home alone and it's taken me 6 years to get over being scared when i am home all night alone.
The feeling of invasion is horrible, I understand. At least you are both safe.

Chai said...

That really sucks. Hope the guy gets caught and you get your stuff back.

Riss said...

I'm really sorry you were burgled. It's not a nice feeling. And I am also glad that you and princess are okay.

If you are after other movies to watch with princess to make you all feel better, I recommend The Princess Bride. If you are after more of Jim Henson then The Storyteller series is also good as is the Fraggle Rock television series'. And there's also The Neverending Story.

Another Outspoken Female said...

I kind of figured the 'guy' was a woman - taking 3 bottles of perfume. Or a chappie devoted to him mum/girlfriend??

Funny how we assume all burglars are drug addled men (well statistically speaking that may be right - but lets consider a little equal opportunity enterprise here).

Locket said...

Oh I hated coming to your blog and reading that. Not that I hated coming to your blog (never) but reading about something shitful happening to you? Well that really pisses me off. It's like something terrible happening to one of my friends ...

*realisation dawns*

because I guess I consider you one of my friends.

No-one has the right to make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, and I'm doubly pissed they scared princess, BUT, I'm glad you view the world with the kind of perspective which allows you to explain their actions to her in terms of addiction, so she'll feel sympathy and disappointment instead of hate.

She'll definitely grow up seeing the world in all the shades of grey.

I hope you get your bits and pieces back - but when it comes down to it, how right is Dxxxx?? The two most precious things are safe and sound.

Snuggle up tight


Locket said... she'll feel sympathy and disappointment instead of hate

How pious and holier than thou. Blech.

What I meant was, it's good that Princess can see it that way. We don't want her jaded and cynical just yet... Otherwise we'd never have the dragon theory.

(I, however, will hate 'em on her behalf)

MelbourneGirl said...

oh people

you are all beautiful. thank you so much. i want to respond to you all individually but i am feeling exhausted, and so will now go to bed with new locks installed on the bathroom window, the fingerprint poweder cleaned away, princess in my bed again tonight (but she's much calmer) and my NW mag. but the thing that will make me feel most comforted is that all of you said such nice things.

it's funny about the friend thing, isn't it locket? i'm sure that's how a lot of us feel. and it moves me so much that you talk of the dragon theory, you are gorgeous. i'm sure princess would love you.

Rowena said...

this is horrendous MG. Thank God you and your daughter are ok x

Justine said...

Dammit. The fucker.

BEVIS said...

I agree with the last commenter. :)

Well, MG - I think it's clear that you've got a lot of cyber-friends here.

BEVIS said...

BTW, to change topics here just for a second ... I thought that tonight's episode of Neighbours really telegraphed who's going to die. Now that I've seen that, I'm tipping David Bishop won't make it out alive.

That whole "I love you, son - I know I don't say it enough, but I do" rubbish from Harold as they left to go on an overnight trip to a Tasmanian casino? Puh-lease! Talk about a cheesy television good-bye!

Unless they did it intentionally to provide us with a 'mis-lead', I think he's one of the three to die.

(Then they showed him asking if the plane looked safe.)

I also think that either Connor or Serena is doomed, because they had their little 'make up' moment before getting in the taxi and promised on the flight that they'd work it out. Another mis-lead? Perhaps.

So the next question is: who wrote the note that Izzy found? Obviously someone who doesn't like her or Paul!

'To my one and only: Think about your life and all the things you've done.'

If Izzy's the target, it could be Gus (returned from the supposed dead! - He's the crazy friend of Max's who got Izzy pregnant and who apparently died in the Lassiter's complex fire at the end of last year which Paul lit ... Paul also apparently clubbed Gus over the head, killing him and leaving his body to burn because he walked in on Paul lighting the blaze), Dr Darcy (see Riss' breakdown of the Neighbours history to see the relevance there), Susan (which is ridiculous as she's also on board and not the least bit evil), Sindi (no motive but mad as a march hare), Dr Karl (highly unlikely to the point of ludicrous) or Jack Scully (even less likely, as he took off with the woman of his dreams early in the year - who just happened to be played by Delta Goodrem).

However, perhaps the note and bomb are intended for Paul, rather than Izzy. If that's the case, there are many others who could have a grudge with the man.

But the wording of the note suggests a long history with him, so I'm wondering about one of his three ex-wives. The first one I don't remember, but there was always the Blakeney twins (he married one but I think he ran off to Brazil with the other one, last time we saw him 12 years previously - enough to drive anyone crazy as hell for revenge, you'd imagine), and then there's Gail. I'm not sure which of them is meant to be Elle's mother, but any of them could be mad as hell with Paul. How they'd find out about the plane trip and have access to a bomb and a photo of Paul and Izzy (who've been together for such a relatively short time) is beyond me. In fact, I can't really think of a logical reason for anyone to know about the trip, want one of Paul or Izzy dead (who isn't on board as well), have access to their personal photos, and be a feasible plot twist.

I'm guessing that parts of this mystery will drag out a little so it can provide us with fodder until the end of the year - and will somehow involve the twist right at the end that's meant to get us to tune in next year.

Maybe it'll be the identity of the bomber? The return-to-life of one of the three victims? Another fire? (There have only been 38 fires on the show so far in its 20 year history, so they're probably about due for another one.)


Must away. Delirious and stupid.

Magical_M said...

So sorry to hear about the f***er who invaded your home. I can't imagine how violated you must have felt - and poor Princess having to go through that at such a young age.

I have to say though, they took an interesting array of items. Do you think that's because they'll get a good price or is it just that their brains are so addeld (sp?) with drugs?

One of my friends had her house broken into a few years ago and they took all her suit jackets. Not the skirts, not the trousers, just the jackets.

Plus her collection of 30 Chanel nail polishes which she had built up over a few years through duty-free shopping when going on o/s trips.

Yeah. Nail polish. Quality sniffing perhaps?

People are weird.

But I'm very glad you and Princess are both ok and I hope you had a better night's sleep last night.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they catch the bastard.


PS - Bevis, I am astonished at the depth of your Neighbours knowledge. I learned more about this storyline from your blog than I would from TV Week! You're not secretly a writer for them are you?

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks again everyone, for your lovely wishes about the break in. it is weird about the perfume. maybe it was a woman. the bathroom windown is pretty small and the place certainly wasn't trashed. the unicorn was placed neatly, as was princess's bus made out of a shoe box with working headlight. bus and unicorn had been sitting on the dvd and both were just put on the coffee table. not even hastily, so they would tip. especialy unicorn, they are tippy, especially when one foreleg is raised fetchingly, as our's is.

yeah the perfume's weird. they were all opened and being used. who knows?

BEVIS. i don't get the reference to paul and izzy's personal photos. i was cooking dinner at the beginning so may have missed it. or maybe it was an earlier episode? princess has ballet tonight (don't all princesses???) and will miss it. but she said "good, i don't want to watch the plane crash"

but i will watch

i agree, i think harold's son will go. also he recently donated the winnings from the lotto? this shows what a saint he was. he has looked troubled of late. i say this as a complete outsider. perhaps sensing his doom?

BEVIS said...

In regards to the photo, it was just one; a shot of the two of them, cheek to cheek, smiling warmly at the camera, and cut into the shap of a heart (I think) around their heads. It was stuck next to the bomb, so we as the audience saw the bomb ticking away with that photo stuck up next to it, as it went to an ad last night. Or it could have been right at the end of the show.

So I was saying whoever's behind it must have had access to their photos, and bear in mind that they've only been together for a relatively short period.

Or maybe we're meant to remember who took the photo in question? Is it meant to be from a party we saw everyone attending earlier in the year? If so, there's no way I'm going to remember it.

So the photo in itself presents some kind of clue, presumably.

Not sure how helpful it is, though, as evidenced my my rambling thoughts late last night! :)

Magical_M, on one hand I want to thank you for the observation that I know a lot about Neighbours, and at the same time I want to deny it. Weird, huh?! I assure you I'm not a writer of TV Week; just an avid fan of TV in general, and I tend to remember things pretty well.

I also fancy myself a bit of a sleuth, so when it comes to anything remotely mystery-like, I'm usually doing my best to work it out from the clues available.

BEVIS said...

With David Bishop, not only did he donate his lottery winnings (and you're right, this shows what a saint he is), but it also demonstrates how much he's come full-crcle as a character. There's almost nowhere else they can take him, without back-tracking over ground he's already covered.

When we were introduced to him a few years ago, he was a down-on-his-luck failed businessman who was so ashamed of his business going belly-up that he deceived his family for ages, pretending to go to work when he was actually job hunting and (eventually) spending his days at the park. He was a greedy, money-hungry guy who has certainly grown up a lot to be wanting to join the Salvation Army marching band with his father and giving away such a large sum of money to the Salvos because his family is all he needs.

The very fact that he recently 'won' his wife back after a brief dalliance with Paul, and that the two of them are so in love once more is proof positive (for me) that he's doomed. This is TV-land, after all.

It will have been a nice tying-together of all his storylines that he won his wife back, he was happy with his relationship with his father, he sought and achieved the goal of being accepted into the marching band, he successfully put the greed demons behind him (and when given the opportunity to live it up on a free $250,000 he saw instead how much more use it would be for the homeless, etc - and gave every cent of it away), and his family is all back together again ... these things all point to a tidy end to David Bishop.

If only they hadn't made it more obvious with his father's 'farewell speech' and him asking if the plane looked safe.

So will Liljana die as well? Or will she survive so Paul can try to get his grubby hands into her again? And why am I spending so much time writing about this crap?

Locket said...

Bevis. I'm worried about you.

MelbourneGirl said...

why did paul have a thing with her?

oh my god it's back on now, they're in the plane, it's shaking alot. i saw the photo and the bomb ticking down

MelbourneGirl said...

oh my god, lizzy was just on the phone telling carl she was sorry and she loved him, it showed paul over the back. and yes, who picked the kids being left orphaned? susan's bloke said he was worried about them. and susan said carl would look after them.

amazing how just a few eps can get you in.

MelbourneGirl said...

i mean izzy. excitement of the moment, etc. as well as cluelessness about topic

BEVIS said...

Yep - it was actually a good episode, as far as keeping the tension going is concerned.

So we didn't see Alex, Paul, David, Liljana, Sky or the two pilots after the crash (and I'm sure we won't be seeing the two pilots again anyway - still, I'm just sayin'), so their fates are completely unknown at this stage.

Out of those we did see, Connor and Serena were last seen removing their life vests to swim out of the sinking wreckage, Susan seemed to slowly go under the water (well, all we know was that she was struggling and had disappeared by the time Izzy looked back), Izzy and Elle were floating on what appeared to be a part of the wing (does that mean they're getting by on a wing and a prayer?), and Dylan was all alone in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to even hold onto.

We know from the teaser ad for tomorrow night that Connor at least 'survives' to find his way to dry land (but where is he and will he survive the whole ordeal or what?) and that he finds someone (it looked to me like David, Alex, Dylan or Paul, by the suit the person was wearing in the quick shot we saw), but we don't know if they're a survivor or a dead body.

So who will be the three victims?

(Yes Locket, I'm worried about me too!)

Riss said...

I think that MelbourneGirl unknowingly unleashed something big when she asked about Neighbours, BEVIS.

Please, don't anyone ever ask him about The Simpsons!

Dxxxx said...

Good call Riss!


MelbourneGirl said...

i couldn't see it properly, it was so dark. looking forward to tonight though.

as if i don't have enough distractions in my life en ce moment.

Clokeeeey! said...

This all sounds like the opening episode for Lost.

MelbourneGirl said...

yes that thought crossed my mind too clokey. they could really draw it out for quite a few eps i guess.

has there ever been anything like this on neighbours before?

BEVIS said...

I can't believe you just asked that!! :)

They sometimes do this kind of thing (Lassiter's complex - the pub in particular - burning down at the end of last year is one such example). They billed it as 'someone will die' but it turned out it was that Gus character, the psychotic friend of Max's who'd gotten Izzy pregnant and walked in on Paul lighting the fire. Paul whacked him on the head, killed him, and left him to burn.

I'm not 100% convinced that Gus was killed, though (this is TV land after all!), as they never actually showed it happening or his dead body afterwards, and only showed the event itself months later in flashback when Izzy found evidence in Paul's possessions that proved he'd been the killer. Then you saw Izzy thinking about it, and in the brief flashbacks, you saw Gus (same actor, either filmed months earlier or at the time, I don't know) walking in on Paul and being clobbered.

So those images could be put down to Izzy imagining it herself when she found the evidence in Paul;s cupboard and the cops who talked about finding Gus' body and identifying it by his dental records, etc, could have been set-up if Gus wanted to fake his death or something dramatic (daytime-TV-style) like that.

They've had fires and gas explosions fairly often throughout the show's 20 year run, but this is the first plane crash with a group of regulars on board - and multiple 'mystery deaths' amongst them.

Also, I've heard it rumoured that they're planning on finishing the year with a bit of a twist or cliffhanger. It may be something to do with the identity of the person behind this bomb thing, or it may be something totally different. It depends on whether or not they want to drag this storyline out for a couple more months, I guess.

Riss, that's certainly a good call. Plus, there's a cozen other shows you shouldn't ask me about, if you don't want me to type seven-metre-long comments on other peoples' blogs! :)

I intend to cover my television obsession in the confines of my own blog in due course, never-you-mind.

I'm not just obsessed with The Muppets.

(And actually, Neighbours holds very little of my interest, if you can believe it. So maybe that'll give you some perspective on how much I'd say about a show I actually liked!)

BEVIS said...

That should say 'dozen', not 'cozen'.

Locket said...

Bevis, you need to see someone about this. You're going down and you're dragging mg with you.

MelbourneGirl said...


a seven-metre comment

i can't wait for your own post on tv. i can't believe you could devote more time or energy to anything else. how does wifey feel about your neighbours "thing"? (i don't want to call it an obsession.) (not just yet)

Clokeeeey! said...

BEvis, surely the reason you won't see a body is the time slot. I reckon they need an up-late neighbours. All the bits they can't show at 6:30.

Surely this is off topic for this post. MG, get it back on track....

BEVIS said...

Locket, I don't know what to say. I can't defend myself on this so I won't try. Just please don't hold it all against me.

MG, I promise that Neighbours is the least of my televisual interests. Just wait. (It'll be a while comin', though - not surprisingly, there's a lot I want to say.) And as for Wifey: Well, I wasn't going to dob her in (sounds like a weak and lame excuse to blame one's partner for me watching any particular TV show), but the truth is, it's only because of her that I've ever watched it at all!

Clokeeeey, I didn't mean they should show anything gruesome - they didn't even have a body bag being wheeled out of the place - it was all done offscreen and then referred to later, which is classic TV method of being able to bring someone back later if they want to, and claim it all as being a faked death or whatever. Good idea about Neighbours Up Late, though! :)

Ahem. You also make a good point about this comment thread having run slightly off-topic. MG, perhaps you should post something specifically Neighbours-related, so I can comment there to my heart's content (and so can anyone else, of course), and people who aren't interest don't need to worry about it?

(Looks like I was wrong about Connor and Dylan dying to avoid gaol time, but at least I had the right idea - now they're considering disappearing to avoid charges, as they both assume their girlfriends are dead. From the radio news report we know that at least Sky is alive, so Dylan will tragically miss out there if he decides to go through with running away and starting a new life. Connor doesn't look convinced - we'll see tonight what he does, I guess.)

Dxxxx said...

This is great, I don't even need to watch the stupid show anymore, I can find out what's happening here!

BEVIS said...

Actually, faithful readers (or slack viewers, in Dxxxx's case!), I won't be home tonight until after Neighbours has aired ... and neither will Wifey.

So can someone please let me know what happens??! It's a mystery, dammit, so I need every little clue they give you as to who survives and who's dead. And who's behind the bombing. And what the boys on the coastline decide to do. And how much Karl beats the crap out of Harold for daring to pray.

Damn Salvos!!

So please - if anyone watches it and can be bothered returning the favour of breaking down the story as I have for you so far, I would very much appreciate it. :)

BEVIS said...

Whoa, whoa! So what happened in the first ten minutes? That's all I missed. Were the fates of Alex, David, etc, revealed? (The ad for tomorrow said that [only?] Susan, Liljana and Serena hadn't been found, so which of them survives?, etc...)

Please fill me in on the beginning of the show, somebody!