Thursday, October 27, 2005

what else they stole

just realised that my big macquarie dictionary was taken, as well as princess's new junior dictionary. now i feel sick again. i LOVED my dictionary. it was a combined birthday present to myself, that i organised, and my family put in the money, a few years ago when i was working as a sub-editor with a publishing company. with that dictionary, i won many a disagreement over word definitions, the most memorable being whether kestrels and petrels are types of birds. one night after dinner at a friend's place, where i was insisting that a petrel was a bird, and she was looking at me as if i was insane, truly insane, i came home, looked it up and texted her straight away.

this is what i wanted to say:

"lk u fuk, i tld u it was! u owe me n aplgy."

what i wrote was:

"hi, i looked it up and petrel is a type of bird [insert definition here, which i don't have cause my dictionary is gone]. so i think you owe me an apology! thanks for dinner, it was great"

i never do the abbreviation thing in text messages, or not conventionally anyway. sometimes i write tmrrw.

i am over text messaging. the phone i have at the moment, while i am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to the SPUNK WHO HAS LENT IT TO ME, the keys are tiny and i find them annoying. so i am reverting to emails, or just call whoever it is.

but back to my robbery.

what else did they take, and how long will it take me to find out?

yesterday i was worried they might come and steal the gigi.

for those of you who haven't seen the gigi, here she is:

this is from earlier this year. now she looks like a real lady golden retriever, who is very pale and not golden. she has been doing her thing, that is spreading her love. she is gorgeous and really is a comfort to us when we feel bad. this is not her, but it looks like her. she is prettier though.

i heard the tail end of an item on the radio yesterday, sounded like a woman had had her dog stolen from outside a shop, where it was tied up. didn't catch the suburb, but she said the police had told her and her husband that it's a bit of a racket. steal a dog. wait for reward to be offered. then call up and say you have "found" the dog. one man apparently went to meet his dog's rescuer with a baseball bat. so now i am paranoid about the gigi. i must relax.

oh, other news. princess and i are moving out. we have found a place with my beloved, and his two children. we are going to do the brady bunch thing, well, more of a semi-bbt, and we sign lease and pick up keys tomorrow. i am having fantasies of dragging my futon over there, so princess, gigi and i can start camping there, away from the bad vibe of here. i have started packing my books - i have 9 medium-sized boxes done already. then there are more boxes of books in the garage. possible more than 9. i am a book freak. and i have to say, having the dictionary stolen is possibly the most hurtful thing that went for me. it's like "don't fuck with my words."

one last thing, last evening my boy and i had dinner at a gorgeous little restaurant, which is like a true italian kitchen, tucked away on an innocuous street, in an ordinary suburb. we had tagliatore sorrentino which was a dish of spaghetti with lobster, scallops and prawns. it was divine. we drank a bottle of white. we nibbled on a gorgeous little pickled starter of tiny onions, serrated-cut vegies and kalamata olives mixed through freshly diced tomato. it was a fab place and i'm not telling you where, because it was already well-patronised, so they don't need the business, and i want to keep it to myself. is that mean? we intend to go there and work our way through the entire menu over a long period. when we are living together we will have to keep the romance alive, of course. fight off that familiarity which can breed pissed-offness and resentment. somehow though, i think we will be fine.

must away to buy big orange gardening garbage bags to start packing clothes etc.

i'm not going to be blogging much over the next two weeks. i have packing to do, and work to push on with. but i will be around.

love to you all. yes, even you. i am working at being in buddhist-mode as much as possible.

mg xxx


Anonymous said...

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sublime-ation said...

bye bye MG, good luck moving.
Come back soon!

Dxxxx said...

Moving has come at a most fortuitous time by the sounds of it! Hope you enjoy & blossom in your new abode.
Also, What sort of a weirdo burglar steals a dictionary???

And most importantly, is the hair-off still on?

E-mail me and let me know where I can find you, wherever you may be in 10 sleeps.


Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

I agree with Dxxxx, who steals a dictionary, and a child's dictionary too at that?

I hate moving - it takes forever to pack up myy books, cds and dvds. After they are done there isn;t that much else, I am a single male after all. Have fun with the moving!

BEVIS said...

I am crushed.

By the fact that they stole your dictionary, by the fact that they stole Princess' dictionary, by the fact that you are leaving the blogosphere for a spell, by the fact that you are moving house and have to pack everything up, by the fact that you are concerned for Gigi, by the fact that Anonymous asked you to visit his blog but didn't leave a link to it (how will you find it???), by the fact that 'those guys' are the best in domain web hosting and I wouldn't even know where to start when it came to grading one group of guys against another group of guys when it came to skills in domain web hosting (I mean, who's judging the judges? Can we be sure that Anonymous' claim that 'these guys are the best' is not a biased opinion because his cousin Iggy works on domain name web hosting on his Dad's computer out in the garage at night?).

Too many things are bothering me about this. But mainly that you're going AWOL and haven't commented on my blog in the past 24 hours.

I am crushed.

BEVIS said...

PS - The above comment won't make sense if you delete Anonymous' comment up the top, so please don't!

Another Outspoken Female said...

The dictionary thing makes me confirm my earlier guess that your burglar(s) is/are of our fair sex. Words tend to be a chick thing.

Glad you are moving and trying the BBT. Hope Alice will be there to whip up breakfast for the bunch and at the end of each day you all have a laugh and there is peace in the world once more.

Hope the moo cow of an agent (in your previous post) has hell with the new tennants :)

problematic said...

good luck with said move, my dear.

please take the time make apropriate corrections.

much love,


ps read easton ellis, you simply must.

Locket said...

co-habitation! it's all on!

congrats on the move (not a moment too soon)

I am v. pissed off about the dictionary. You know how I feel about spelling. This has hurt me. This has also made me paranoid. Should I start sleeping with my dictionary under my pillow? But then where will I put my thesaurus??? My precious set of Synonyms and Antonyms that belonged to my grandmother?

I mean, take the telly, but leave the books FUCKO.

Good luck with the move. Don't forget to bend your knees.

xxx (for you, P and GG)

Justine said...

That is one beautiful Gigi you've got there. Moving is streesful, so is getting your house broken into. I hope somebody gives you a bottle of lavender oil or something when you get settled in your new place.
I hope you aren't de-bloggifying for too long.

Tuppence said...

MelbourneGirl, I'm so sorry to hear that the pricks took the dictionaries. Cocksuckers.

Certainly sounds like the kind of thing smacky people do though - when you think about it, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to steal two dictionaries (one of them bein a heavy Macquarie dictionary).

I hope Princess will feel safe again in the new abode. And I hope you will feel safe, too.

It sucks when bad things like this happen to two such lovely people (after all, Princess and I are two of a kind - and we all know what a gem you are!) I hope it hasn't hurt her to her core, and that she can understand that while there are mean people out there in the world, there are lots of lovely people as well, who wish nothing but the best for each of you.

Take care, and I hope the move goes smoothly.


Tuppence said...

PS - Cutest. Dog. Ever.

Chick said...

The gigi is beautiful...guard her with your life...

Darcy said...

Ooh, you were robbed by a smart junkie. A genious on the nod. There's something enchanting about that but I do sympathise with losing your dictionary, not to mention being broken into!

Did it occur to you that he might have been searching through your belongings for the name of that Italian restaurant? Because you might come home to find me sniffing around your house if you don't tell us soon. Or perhaps I'll hold your dog ransom.


Justine said...

I always thought Kerouac needed some basic puntuation guidance more than spelling help.

I guess the heroin-people needed something to rest their gear on. Its a tricky business shooting up in a car. But you'd think they'd use a Melways.

sublime-ation said...

Maybe they were just really into cryptic crosswords? They are big in the slammer, so i hear.
In any case, it's no excuse. Hope you by chance stumble upon a big fat Collins at the op shop for 50 cents.

Anonymous said...

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