Sunday, February 19, 2006

copy-cat from ballarat

this is where i put in photos of people who i think represent you in some way. note the words "some way". this is like a disclaimer where i then have redress when you complain or disagree.
i am not writing it in red. i am just putting it here, so you read it almost by accident...

like bevis said, don't take it personally, it's just a bit of fun.

and don't think this is necessarily exactly how i see you, and it's not necessarily about looks.

for some of you it's impossible to visualise anything other than your bio pic thingies. but i've done my best. i have to say for some reason sublime-ation was the hardest to do. i am still thinking about her. or you. sorry sublime. it's something about your name i think.

oh, and i've also chosen actors, or celebrities, to make it something a little different.

first up is myself. because i'm an incredibly complex character, and none of you are, i am a hybrid of the following:

i wear specs like janeane, but mine are nicer. elaine is fairly close and she has big hair too, and i turn into uma once a month. you work it out.

princess gets two:

a beautiful blend of taylor's looks and hermione's brains.

gianluca di milano


i can't quite decide. still thinking about it.

gregory surlyboy

surly. hope this dude is bad enough for you. i believe he has a big one?

ms fits

i'm fairly certain bevis was onto something with the plaits for ms fits.


i think these two are inter-changeable.


or perhaps this one for clokey?


i think i know what elaine looks like, but not really.


i can't get audrey out of my head for locket, so this is someone else gamine and cute.


cotton is vulnerable and cagey at the same time. but very sweet and lovely.


i had much trouble seeing bevis as anything other than a little green frog


i know lc likes liv. plus i also know how lc looks.


i'm seeing those cute little bags under the eyes for tuppence that selma has. don't ask why, i just am. they are really adorable.

anna a spades

i see anna with dark hair but think she would dress like chloe. for some reason. or have the chloe attitude.


luckily rm is away en ce moment so won't get pissed off when he sees this. this i believe to be the closest of all my pictures.

he should just be glad i didn't use this pic:

[laughs and wets pants]


chai was hard but i think this fits. i loved astro boy when i was a kid.


aleks is also mia so hopefully won't rise like the phoenix to correct me about why he isn't like che. wrong political persuasion, wrong angle on the beret, i'm sure.


not sure where this came from. call it a gut feeling. isn't she cute?


i know what fluffy looks like too, so this is more of an attitude pic. and the cat thing. geddit? but squeaky instead of fluffy.

la nadine

not really scarlett per se i'm talking about here.
boy they take up space. but aren't they just the best baps around?

la's i mean.


i've met dxxxx and she struck me as a cool rock chick.


darcy is kick-arse with her lemon trees, gardening commitments, pet ownership and auditions. 'nuff said.


Dxxxx said...

Alright, I'm Joan Jett, KICK IT!!!

You rock, MG


also hahaha @ RM... maybe if we all post enough insulting pics it might be enough to draw him out of the woodwork.....

LadyCracker said...

*faints with excitement*

Magical_M said...

Natalie Portman!!

Hot AND a great actress.

I love it.

Although I may have to share a touch of Janeane Garafolo with you... I have a quirky side!

elaine said...

ooh! Reece!

If I'm to take everything I know about her from the bible of celebrity truth (NW magazine) we are practically the same in every way!

(Except the bit about being rich, married, a mother and an actress)

Chai said...

It's weird but I visualise LC as Liv as well.

Dxxxx said...

Yep, and also Darcy spot on reckon!

sheriff of nothing said...

Wow you have a pretty HOT blogroll there!

Anonymous said...

You know, if I'm going to be honest about it, I'd say you, Bevis and Cotton are all right (and alright!). I have the spirit of a jaded and wasted rocker, many years past his prime, trapped inside the body of a weedy little dweebus. It's a complicated situation.

Why'd you have to make everyone so incredibly gorgeous? Not that I doubt they are... but...

*takes cold shower*

sublime-ation said...

To quote Stewie again 'Do Me!!! Do Me!!!'

ps they are all pretty damn hot ain't they?

MelbourneGirl said...

sublime, i am working on you.

it's not easy being you.

Clokeeeey! said...

That is so funny, my family have this joke about me, well it's an in joke, where I'm not in the joke, just the butt of the joke. Anyway, they all reckon I'm Robert and my bro is Ray (he's the spoiled one, getting away with murder coz he's younger).
I was hoping for a Soprano member though, Tony would have been good, or the silver haired one, he's cool too. I better go and see my people.

Tuppence said...

Heh. I love how both you and Bevis think I'm a brunette. Cause they're the bitchy ones, right?

MelbourneGirl said...

noooooo! tuppy. the brunettes are the spunks i reckon. and with the smarts. and i don't think you are bitchy, i almost had you as chloe. would you have preferred her?

Aleks - Anarcho-Syndicalist said...

Well, My first time in the blogsphere for a long time, and there I am being compared to Che. Where to begin!

The beret for starters - so bourgeois! But then again he was a so Bourgeois.

But my big problem with him was his Marxism - imposing the political system from above, rather than educating people so that the change comes from below as a result of the will of the people. Haven't I taught you anything MelbourneGirl?

*slinks back to the hole he momentarily crawled out of*

BEVIS said...

This is brilliant! Sorry for my tardy arrival - I missed my cyber-bus and was held up a few days ... to a week.

I love the entire post, including my pic. Not offended at all (how silly would that be? Not to mention hypocritical after my two posts ... have you seen my second attempt, MG?).

I love it.

And Tuppence, I think for some reason I imagined Anna as a blonde (I don't know why), and therefore gave you dark hair in my mind to differentiate between you, back in the day. And ever since, of course, with nothing to say otherwise, that's how it's been.

I've amended my pics of you and Anna in my recent post as well. :)

Gregory Surlyboy, you also get a re-try. I hope you're happier with this version.

Tuppence said...

Anna and I will have to organise a field trip to Melbourne to sort this business out once and for all.

But it does go to show that no one was reading us back in May, when we posted a photo of ourselves (which is no longer there).

Incidentally, I have since discovered that the Anonymous I told to "blow it out your arse" was my father.

BEVIS said...

Hahahaha!! That's hilarious!

Damn it - put the photo back up!!