Saturday, February 18, 2006

special movie moments

as it will take me a while to compose the "copycat from ballarat" blog, where i post pictures of how i imagine you all to look, let me ask you a question.

what are your favourite movie moments? ones that you remember vividly, ones that you can think about now and chuckle over. even the ones that yeah, you've seen the movie so many times and you will still laugh or cry over that perfect moment.

for me the list goes something like this:

1. the moment in big when tom hanks is at a soiree and starts eating the caviar off the table, then registers the taste, then just opens his mouth and lets it all fall out back onto the table.
my sister reminded me of this scene, which is one we have laughed over and reminisced over many times, tonight on the phone when she told me her son had done this exact same move over dinner.

2. the scene in terms of endearment where debra winger is dying in hospital and shirley maclaine brings in her two little boys to say goodbye. i don't care who you are and how much you earn/what a spunk you are, if you can tell me you have watched that moment and not been moved then you have no heart. i will cry every time. every time. and i'm talking sobbing, not silent roll-down tears. better not tell me, then i won't be able to love you anymore.

3. the moment in meet the parents when ben stiller rises up out of the pool in slo-mo, with a beast roar and slams the volleyball into the bride's nose. there are other classic moments in this movie, but this is one that makes me laugh out loud each time.

4. when dorothy says goodbye to the scarecrow. enough said.

5. in tootsie, when jessica is talking to dustin as dorothy about men and their pick-up lines "wouldn't it be nice if a man just came up to you and said, 'i could try and lay a whole line on you about this and that, but i think you're really attractive and i would love to sleep with you', wouldn't that be great?" and dorothy says "heaven, sheer heaven."

can't think of any more right now and have to go and watch medium on tape, but would love to hear some of yours.


Chai said...

I like the ones you chose.

When Inigo confronts the Count, "Prepare to die", and the Count turns tail and runs.

When the 3 bounty hunters (Iggy Pop et al) in Robert Mitchums office start doing the gun salute thing to his portrait (Dead Man).

The smouldering tension between Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Thomas at that bar thingy in the English Patient.

When Bill Murray was lying in bed next to Scarlett J and he touched her toes (Lost in Translation).

Gummo eating spaghetti in that filthy bath he was in.

MelbourneGirl said...

i also liked the bench scene in breathless, the richard gere version, where he and the girl, after swimming in the pool, move to the kitchen and start to get it on.


i'll record more as i think of them.

BEVIS said...

Lady, you don't have the time (and your blog doesn't have the space) to list all my favourite movie moments!


But I'm going to go away and whittle down my list to a more palatable size, then get back to ya.

fluffy said...

Technically a tv moment but anyway...

The scene in (season 3?) Buffy where they're at the school prom and they award Buffy the title of school protector and give her a little parasol. Tears, everytime.

Lilo and Stitch where Stitch finally speaks to the older sister and says "Ohana means family".

Chai said...

When Ewen was carrying the Dad into the river towards the end of "Big Fish".

When the car was spinning around after being hit in Punch Drunk Love.

The Sirens singing in "O Brother".

John Turturro polishing his bowling ball in "Big Lebowski".

The tango scene in Moulin Rouge.

Holly Hunter being dragged down into the ocean depths by the piano in the Piano.

MelbourneGirl said...

oh chai, you are putting me to shame.

i am enjoying your moments very much though.

i LOVE the "love song" medley in moulin rouge. when they're on top of the elephant. cry every time, but at the same time i am grinning.

and in strictly ballroom the flashback to when the oldies were all young funksters.

Chai said...

Yes? Good to hear we watch and enjoy the same movies. I was at a Jill Bilcock seminar (editor Moulin Rouge) and she said that there was something like 9 hours of footage for that tango scene which she had to cut down to those few minutes.
Apologies to all not familiar with the movies described if I inadvertently let key plot details out ie. spoilers. Sorry, sorry.

Pomgirl said...

Annie Hall - When Woody Allen is driving very badly in L.A and is stopped by the police and refuses to hand over his drivers license and tears it to little pieces instead, saying he has a problem with 'authority'.

I know everyone goes on and on about it but the 'What do you mean funny?' scene in Goodfellas - the perfect combination of awkwardness, madness and horror.

I love all the dialogue between the main characters in North by Northwest but especially the scene when Cary Grant asks Eva Marie Saint: How does a girl like you get to be a girl like you? And she replies: Lucky, I guess.

This is so much fun!

MelbourneGirl said...

play it again sam, woody allen on the blind date with i think diane keaton. and he is standing in the doorway and is introduced and puts up his hand and grunts.

clint eastwood as dirty harry and the whole do'ya punk monologue:
"i know you're thinking to yourself did he shoot six bullets or five? well there's really only one question you gotta ask yourself, and that's 'do i feel lucky?' well, do'ya punk?"

the upside kiss in spiderman, even though i never saw the movie. i enjoyed it on the trailers.

MelbourneGirl said...

make that upsidedown kiss!

Chai said...

One more I remembered.
The 'Perfect Match' scene in 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'.